Ran across this heartbreaking article in the LA Times:

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This is terribly sad on many levels.
i can't imagine NOT being able to see my children, even if injured. It doesn't explain how she wound up in this position. What happened during the birth? or did I just not see it?
The doc knicked her uterus during deliver of one of the triplets and she lost massive amounts of blood.

I didn't see how she got in this position either. I wonder how the birth of her triplets caused her condition. The story is heartbreaking. Why would the dad not want the kids to know their mother even if she can't communicate with them. Are they not allowed to see other people with disabilities out in public? It's just wrong.
So heartbreaking.
The dad says he thinks the triplets will feel guilty because their birth injured their mom. Can a 2 1/2 year old feel that kind of guilt?
I think they just want to see their mom, period. To little ones like that, a mommy is a mommy.
He says he will let them see her when they're older. I say, let them know who their mother is NOW, and it will be normal for them, and not later, when they will have a surge of emotions and tons of questions.



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