Sign Choices in Childbirth's Petition for the Today Show

We wanted to share with you the response that Choices in Childbirth
has drafted to convey to the Today Show on behalf of consumers-- those
women who have chosen a home birth, their families, their care
providers, and all those who support them. This petition demands that
the public be provided with accurate information about birthing options.

On October 9th, the final day of National Midwifery Week, CIC will
deliver the petition to NBC's headquarters and invite anyone who
wishes to deliver it as well to join us.

We hope you will support us in standing up to this highly unbalanced
piece of journalism so that we can truly inform and support women in their birth options with accurate information.

Please find the link to this petition below.

All the best,

Abby & Ricki

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Thanks for doing this. I signed it and I know many others will as well. I hope you will keep us posted as to the response from the Today Show on their failed attempt at investigative journalism. I feel awful for this couple, but without knowing the full story, who is to say the outcome would have been different if she'd been in the hospital? Obviously, there was much that was purposefully left untold to skew the angle of the story. It made my stomach knot up to watch they way this family was exploited and all fingers pointed at Cara Mulhallan. If they were really following the facts, they should have done a story on "The Perils of Obstetrics" considering that most babies in the U.S. are born in the hospital and we have one of the highest infant mortality rates in the industrialized world. Why don't you investigate THAT, Today Show!?
Thanks for the link. I singed it and fwd to several friends!
Ok..... signed it, but where exactly is it going to be delivered? Anyone got info on that? I can't find the address. If it's close enough (fingers crossed) I will be there.
I'm excited to learn how this turned out, how many people were there to deliver the petition, and what NBC's response was. I wish I lived closer to NYC!!



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