we have an almost 3 month old little girl who sleeps from 10pm -2 on the dot almost every night~ and wakes up 2 hours after we get her down....any ideas on how to rid of the 2am feeding or am I just trying to rush it too much? Thank you ladies for all your help!

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Honestly she is probably still at the age to need a night feeding. Most babies give up the night feeding later than sooner. She could be going through a growth spurt and need more milk right now. How often does she feed during the day?
she feeds about every 2.5-3 hours! She's become dependant upon the bottle to nod off to sleep...naps are getting more difficult to come by in any type of serene matter and or not @ regular times... she goes to bed @ 10pm, wakes up @ exactly 2am..back down 'til 4:30 or 5:30am...and then back down til 8:30 if I'm lucky :)
Honestly that sounds like a pretty awesome schedule to me. I think wanting to eliminate night feedings is definitely rushing it. All my kids didn't stop night nursing until at least a year. Give it some time and appreciate that nice stretch from 10 -2!
My daughter is still exclusively breastfed at 15 months and she still nurses every 2-3 hours all night. She will occasionally sleep for 4 hrs, but it's rare. If your daughter is getting breastmilk only she still needs to be fed on demand, so if she wakes up hungry it means she is. There is no rush to make babies sleep through the night. Good books to check out by Dr Sears are "Nighttime Parenting" and "the Baby Sleep Book." they both helped me to realize that how my baby sleeps is normal and actually very healthy. And no matter what others say about how their babies sleep, each baby is an individual, it's all about meeting her unique needs.
Wow, that's tough. I'm sorry! The 2 am to 4:30 am awake time sounds like torture! My kids nursed at night, but then would go right back to sleep. On the other hand, how big is your daughter? I know this isn't kosher in the eyes of the medical world, but I have quite a few friends, and my own mother, who had to start solids at 4 months, instead of 6 months, because the babies were huge, and just too hungry to sleep through the night! Crazy. I didn't have to with my sons (and they were 9 lbs and 10 lbs at birth) as they got enough milk and stayed asleep. Do you co-sleep with her? And is she sleeping more during the day than at night?
Hi Sara,

She's just a little bit over 3 months now...just in the past few days...she's gone down @ 10pm and got up @ 3:30am or 4!!! woo hoo....life is better now! we don't co-sleep but I'm huge into attachment parenting and have no idea when I will finally move her to her crib...
Oh good! Glad to hear the news, and that you're both getting more sleep- it's always nice when that happens! Don't get discouraged if she varies in the future though....my kids did that quite a bit. They'd have a couple weeks or months of sleeping 14 hours straight, and then suddenly a week or two of waking up ALL the time! I'd think they were sick, but our naturopath kept telling me that kids go through phases, and enjoy the good ones and say "this too shall pass" on the bad phases. :)



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