I've read that the best position to sleep is on the left side while you're pregnant.  I've been trying to sleep on my left side but wake up on my back. I just bought a pillow that is helpful and keeps me on my left side most nights. Anyone have any more information on sleeping positions and advice on pillows and support? Thank you.

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I am a big personal fan of the Snoozer pillow-- it used to be called the Snoozer J pillow, because it's shaped like a J.

I used the bottom of the J between my knees-- this made the side position much more comfortable. Some women I know also use wedge pillows to prevent them rolling onto their back.

Sleeping with some kind of pillow between your knees makes the side position much more comfortable. Boppy makes a pregnancy wedge that is affordable and works.

Good luck! Being comfortable when you sleep is so important in pregnancy.

I just bought the pregnancy wedge and it's very helpful. Thank you!
How far along are you? The only reason not to sleep on your back is because the weight of your baby can press on your inferior vena cava (major blood vessel) and block blood flow. What folks don't tell you about that is that you will absolutely wake up to feeling suffocated and weird, but the moment you roll onto your side it goes away. So don't worry too much if you wake up on your back.

Eventually, you won't be able to sleep except on your side. Sleeping on your left side is best for blood flow, but a little right sided sleeping never hurt anyone, and in some cases can help turn a posterior baby. Go ahead and get all the pillows you think you'll ever need, it's really helpful. One between the knees, one under the belly, eight more just to sink into :-).
Thank you...I'm 20 weeks with my 1st baby.
We gave in, and bought one of those knock-off "Tempurpedic" memory foam mattresses from Walmart, and I have been gratefully using it during all three pregnancies! It cradles my body, and doesn't cause all the pain spring mattresses do. But oh, it is horrible to travel and stay with family, or in hotels. Then I just have to remind myself, as I flip and turn all night long, that the baby and my body will be fine, and if I wake up halfway on my stomach, or somehow on my back or right side, that's probably WHY I woke up, because it was cutting off circulation, and I had to move. I believe our bodies will let us know. My friend slept in a lazy-boy her whole pregnancy (twins!) because she could just never get comfortable in bed with the special pillows. I agree with Emily about not worrying if you wake up in not an "ideal" position....
Thanks for all the responses. I'm about 20 weeks along and I'll use this information well.
I loved my Body Pillows when I was pregnant. it fits between your legs for comfort, helps cushion & support your growing belly, and gives you something to snuggle when you can no longer snuggle your man cuz your belly is too big :)

But as long as you are comfortable and able to sleep (in any postition) I wouldn't worry. By the time back sleeping becomes a no-no its so uncomfortable it won't be an issue :) And while left side improves blood flow and digestion--it doesn't imporive it so much that worrying about it or trying to make sure you stay on your left side and off your back--is worth losing sleep over :)
I just bought the boppy wedge on Amazon. Last night I was lying on my right side and got a strange muscle cramp in my stomach. I think the pillows will help. Thanks all!



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