With my son (a natural, low-intervention hospital birth) I tried to eat and drink throughout labor as I didn't have an IV. The water was no problem, but the foods I picked were way off! I started out by eating fried scallops before going into the hospital. My water had broken but labor hadn't started yet so I was trying to go about business as usual. Um, yeah. Bad call! I was throwing that up later. I also tried hard candy and a piece of fruit. couldn't keep those down either.
I don't know if this is just "me" or if I tried to eat something lighter I would have done better. I am thinking a light "LaborAid" drink might help me out next time. I was so exhausted and fatigued by the time we reached the final stages of labor!

Any suggestions?

I summarized all the responses so far. General advice says carbs for energy and easy to digest, non-greasy foods.
* toast with honey
* honey sticks or just honey on a spoon
* sweetened herbal tea
* fruit
* packets of an Emergen-C type drink
* smoothies (various ingredients suggested)
* coconut water (from young coconut)
* toast
* crackers
* yogurt
* plain cooked chicken breast
* plain oatmeal
* grape juice
* dried fruit
* "Recharge” (electrolyte replacement drink)
* frozen Juice/water in ice cube trays
and one gal even liked chili!

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I lost my appetite completely the day before my delivery, but my midwife made sure that my fiance made me a protein fruit smoothie to keep up my energy. (I had a home birth) I really liked the ice chunks in it, crunching on them in-between contractions. I drank two of them throughout the night and ate a few spoon fulls of vanilla yogurt the next morning. I did drink a lot of water too.

Hope this helps!
From The Art of Midwifery

One very effective trick (in hospitals that insist that mothers labor on "clear liquids only") is to have the mother take along a zippy bag of "labor cubes" to the hospital, storing them in her room fridge. "Labor Cubes" are ice cubes made out of very strong raspberry leaf tea (perhaps one cup herb to one quart water, simmered down to half and strained) that is heavily sweetened with honey. If the laboring mother begins to fade, energy petering out or contractions waning due to lack of nutrition, she can chomp on these satisfying slushy cubes, which usually will perk her up and kick in some great contractions in a matter of minutes
i had some cereal w/ rice milk before i left for the birth center, i didnt throw up or eat anything during my labor. i did have some gatorade afterwards! that was sooo refreshing!



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