I was very happy when two weeks ago I missed a period, I think it's time for me to get pregnant, but this morning I am really very disappointed to see spots of blood on the pants.

what delayed menstruation does not mean pregnant?

because during this period I was always on time at the beginning of the month in each of the eighth or ninth

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Did you take a test?

hmmm not yet


is it possible when having period so pregnant?

You could have just been late because of stress or something, or possibly had a miscarriage. But if your period was normal and you had no pregnancy "symptoms" then you were probably just late. It happens.
thanks :)
I had basically the same thing - light spotting at about 5 weeks. Doctor said that was normal, and has to do with the embryo attaching itself to the womb.
sometimes when you have extra stress, like moving, too much excercise or traveling, you can have delayed ovulation and therefore very delayed period. it's kind of like your body waiting to ovulate at a time when it's safe and relaxed enough to be successfull at supporting a new pregnancy.



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