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I am a student Midwife living in Davis, California. With everything going on in the economy I am always on the look out on how I can make extra money while doing what I love. Which in my case is being with teen moms and working in 3rd world countries. I have been working in the birthing environments for the last 10 years (either as a Doula, an Apprentice or in the case of the third world countries as a Midwife myself). I absolutely Love Ricki Lake and all that she is doing for birth.

What I wanted to let you all know about in the first place is a new web portal/web page that that was created by Blastoff. www.havefunwithblastoff.com It was just launched today and anyone can sign up for it for free.

It is a site that that provides many valuable tools (such as a mall, kid games, a tv station) and you can make money and save money on it. It is kinda hard for me to explain...you have to see for yourself (they have a video on the main page telling you how it works).

Pizza hut paid 30 million to be apart of this. Target, Borders and many more are participating. This site will be as big as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace.

I dont mean to be a infomercial I just thought you all would like to check it out.

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