Hi my name is Andy and I'm 27 6 months pregnant and kind of freaked out about it all is there any advice you can give me on giving birth after birth looking after the baby stuff like that because I would really love that
thank you

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Read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. It will be very helpful. If you can find a doula, that may also be a HUGE help. Also, Birthing from Within is a beautiful book that will help you identify, and clear some of your fears.

Every first time parent is frightened, so you are not alone. Educating yourself is the best thing you can do, because usually your fear is from the unknown.

For post partum, make sure you are eating and drinking well, that you have a lactation consultant lined up in case you need one(if you choose to breastfeed), and sleep when your baby sleeps. You can also find a support group(maybe breastfeeding) and start going before your baby is born. This will help you to establish a relationship with the people in the group before hand, and then you will have lots of peer support after your baby is born.

Good luck!
Check out using Hypnosis for birth. There are several programs out there, my favorite being Hypnobabies. It's incredibly detailed on all aspects about birth/after birth/breastfeeding. and of course the Hypnosis techniques.
I've found that the immense knowledge I gleamed from their course gave me such an empowering feeling.

when are you due? I'm due with my third in Feb. =)
Hi Andy,
E-mail my daughter in law at nhirsch@myhealthybeginning.com she is a pro. She has given birth to both of her children at home and has all of the answers to all of your questions. She has a magazine that will go nation wide next year. www.myheathybeginning.com it is the best. She has helped people with breast feeding-acid-reflux in babies and will get answers to any questions you may have. Happy birth to you.

Hi, Andy,

I hear you and I feel like I was in a similar place when I was pregnant the first time - although I was too proud to admit how scared I was!

My advice is this: don't pay too much attention to people's advice :) Read some good books, but know that no book is 100% right for you. Listen to some experienced parents or even parenting coaches, but know that you will be the expert on your baby. Whatever information or advice you encounter, just sit with it for a little bit and check what your inner guidance tells you. Some of it will "click," some will not. Some things you'll try before discarding them, other things will really work for you. As you go forward as a mother you'll become more and more confident in this inner voice and in your judgment of what your child needs. But the voice is there from the start and I encourage you to listen to it.

All the best as you experience this amazing new stage of life.


P.S. One other bit of advice: find some local mom friends who you can talk to, laugh with and call in a crunch. They're worth their weight in gold. But as with all advice, see above :)



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