I am curently being treated for anxiety and depression with Lexapro (and therapy).  Over the next few months we are planning to start trying to get pregnant.  I spoke with my MD who said it was totally up to me whether or not to continue on the medication.  My plan is to wean off and try to be off of it at least until the start of my 2nd trimester.  Basically my MD said that I have to weigh the risks and benefits of being on Lexapro while pregnant.  There may be more of a risk to the baby if I am stressed/anxious/depressed by getting excess cortisol, than if I stay on the meds.  I am wondering if any of you out there have experienced preganacy/depression/and meds and can offer any support?

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I got off my anxiety and depression meds before conceiving. I started the blood type diet and that helped me get off my meds. Sardines and wild salmon were helpful with my depression also. Good luck!

I quit my depression meds with baby #1 but found I wasn't taking good enough care of myself when the depression got bad. My doctor and I agreed that it was more important that I be able to eat, exercise and sleep well. I stayed on meds for both my next pregnancies. Babies have been fine and healthy (#3 is due in a couple more weeks but so far no problems). 

I know it's a really hard decision - of course we want to be as drug-free as possible during pregnancy and breastfeeding. But your baby really does need a mom who can smile and laugh and take care of herself properly. Of course I did lots of searching online with all 3 pregnancies and I never found any evidence of anything to worry about at a low dose (I have dropped my dosage with this pregnancy down to what it was with the first 2 for my own peace of mind). 

I really feel for you - I struggled with the decision every time. I feel good about the choice I made and hope you come to a decision that you're happy with too! Good luck!



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