just wanted to start some discussion files so we can keep track of the comments for future reference

when did your baby start eating solids? what were the first foods? favorite foods?

The AAP and World Health Organization recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months. La Leche League International says "about the middle of the first year"

of course there will be a range of 'normal' for each individual baby. Some babies are very obviously ready for solids at 4 months, some aren't interested until 9 months. It is up to us as parents to follow their cues and watch for signs of readiness!

Some of the signs that your baby may be ready for solid foods are:
-sitting up with minimal support
-ability to pick up small bits of food and get them to his/her mouth
-no longer having a 'tongue thrust reflex' - so not pushing food out of his/her mouth
-still hungry after more frequent nursing

you can find more info and articles about starting solids with your breastfed baby at La Leche League's website: http://www.llli.org/FAQ/solids.html

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This is a good forum. I have been breast feeding my daughter for 4 months (she is 4 months lol) and I was beginning to wonder when I should introduce solid foods. She is definitely growing and developing! People always ask me what is in my milk lol! She doesn't seem to want to eat more, seems like my milk is enough so we'll see!

I feel you ladies on the criticism of not wanting to go anywhere and only be with your child. Her father's mother is like "you need to get her use to a bottle, so people can babysit" in my head im like that's the whole point! I don't want people to babysit! lol

Peace & Prosperity

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