I just had my second child (alyson), she was born July 14. Our first (tommy) is almost 3 now. And we are planning to have more, if all goes well. With Tommy i was a bit worried about stretch marks, but it was not bad. So I was not worried at all with my last pregnancy, but it has gotton much worse. My doctor says there is not too much i can do about it. has anyone had any luck?

Thanks, Hila.

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I'm a little confused as to what your asking. I have a question for you.

Why are you worried about stretch marks?

Stretch Marks are inevitable with pregnancy. I'm 36 Weeks Pregnant and I tried some lotions that said they prevent stretch marks. But it didn't. Still got them. I wasn't worried about it though. The only reason I wanted to "try" to prevent them was for my own selfish reasons for wanting to wear a bikini after I get skinny after Birth ;-)

So I'm wondering if it's just so you don't have the marks that you are asking or if there is a medical reason why you seem worried about them.

Wear your stretch marks with pride knowing what you went through and what you have to show for them. Your Beautiful Children!
Try wheat germ oil, they used to carry it at The Body Shop here in Canada, I liked the results best. I used vitamin E capsules (split them open) with my second pregnancy. I still use them now and again when I see one creeping up. I have also heard great things about Palmers Cocoa Butter also here in Canada and I just saw an advertisement for Bio Oil that boasted "no stretch marks" I went out with a guy once long before I had children who told me that a women should be proud of her stretch marks because they were like the war wounds of childbirth. I thought of it as a weird thing to say at the time but now I think he was so wise beyond his years. Anywho, good luck.
I used Dr. Haushka's Blackthorn Body Oil during my entire pregnancy and postpartum period. I worked @ a natural spa in Philadelphia and one of the owner's told me about it. I do not have a single stretch mark! On the other hand, I am not sure if that is genetics either! But it is worth a try. It's a little on the pricey side but you only need the smallest bit and it's completely natural.

Good Luck!
rebekah, the reason i want to remove them are purely selfish, want to feel more comfortable in my bathing suit, but nothing wrong with that, right ;-)

anyway, searched on the interent, seems like a lot of lotions and creams being offered. i'm thinking of trying this one in particular, striation-snap.com. free trial so not much to lose.

but you are right, at the end of the day, it is not "critical", but it woudld be nice....
Unfortunately, it's mostly genetic. I have heard though that neem oil actually repairs skin cells very well.
stretch marks is just a natual thing you should be proud of them i am proud of mine because i got the most wonderful thing out of it my son who is 8 months old now i dont care about my stretch marks so you should be proud to have stretch marks because you will have a beautiful baby at the end to be honest i forget i ahve them sometimes some people ask me if i am embarassed about them like when i go swimming with my son my friends ask me why i am wearing a bikini i say i like to show my stretch marks with pride so they see hat i have beautiful baby so i shouldn't worry about them BE PROUD amy



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