This is my first pregnancy and two days ago I had my 37th week exam. My chosen midwife is currently on vacation so I had to see a different midwife. I have had absolutely no issues during this pregnancy - it has been a dream. However, this substitute midwife was very alarmed by how much weight I had gained and how large I was measuring at this point. He suspects the baby may weigh as much as 9 pounds currently and is worried about me going to my due-date or later and having to deal with shoulder dystocia. He decided to schedule an ultrasound for my 38th week check-up and if he is right, he wants to induce right away. My chosen midwife is not back from her vacation until after this ultrasound and I am not quite sure how to handle the situation from here. I have been planning on having a completely natural childbirth and really want to avoid induction with any sort of pitocin or other drug. Any ideas?

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I always like to tell the story of how my 90lb granny was in the news for giving birth to a 10lb baby. AND she never understood what all the hoopla about childbirth was all about. She really and truly did not understand why people thought it was hard and painful, they just came shooting out of her tiny body. She's not even 5' tall. At best she's 4'9", 4' 10". So, while complications can occur from an overly large baby, it's rare and like one person said, more likely if there has been a case of gestational diabetes. I think you've basically been given tons of good advice already, but if this mw is insistent upon inducing I would certainly look for services elsewhere. And I'd likely complain to my regular mw when she was back in town. I would NOT induce at 38 weeks just because the new mw was having a freakout. Unless there was an medical emergency I'd never induce, really.
I was able to see my regular midwife today and she was definitely supportive of my husband and I's plans to not induce early. She said she had no concerns with the size of my cervix and pelvis and was quite certain I would be able to deliver this baby naturally. She didn't even want to consider inducing until after I was over a week overdue. Thank goodness that she's back in town. Thanks to everyone for your encouragement and wisdom! It definitely helped keep me focused and calm until I could have this meeting with my regular midwife.
Kayla that is good news. I have been following this and wondering about you. Did your mw say anything regarding the substitute mw's advice?
My chosen midwife did not say too much about the other's advice. She said she disagreed and wasn't quite sure what caused them to jump to such conclusions but she kept her comments mostly positive.
Oh Kayla I am so glad to hear that your midwife supports your wishes over her associates! This experience would make me wary of the group/team of midwifes. Are these midwifes on rotation? If you get that other midwife when you're in labor you can expect more of the same "intervention craziness". Sometimes new docs/providers need a certain amount of experience in a certain procedure. You shouldn't have to spend energy on this in labor so just make sure your support people are aware of your wishes.

I hadn't seen your update and was furiously plunking away with the following advice, Maybe it will help someone else.

"In this internet virtual world some might see your dilema as a 'good post'. I see you at cross roads. The road that might take some work (hilly, bumpy) right now, will give you great satisfaction in the end. The road that looks easy (do whatever midwife #2 says) could cause you much grief in labor, delivery, postpartum and beyond. If you do your work now, that of collecting evidence and studies that support your decision, you will probably find that your instincts are right and your healthy "no issues pregnancy" will just keep jugging along until baby is in arms : )

Midwives are not all alike as you've found out. Just like dentist, chiropractors, massage therapist, and even our hair dressers are different so are OBGYN's, Midwives, Doulas (like me) and babysitters. You can fire the one you don't want. You'd probably fire a bad babysitter, right? Don't settle until you are happy, confident and feel safe. Good luck. Let us know how it goes."

Birth blessings, Rosie
I want to know if you had the baby yet and how it went?
Ultrasounds are SOOO not accurate on fetal weight. We csection moms all of the time at my hospital because their US said their baby measured in at 9-10 lbs. They cut them, and their baby weighs 7-8 lbs and they just had the most unneccesary procedure done to them. It's always real great when their baby ends up in the NICU. Ugh, don't listen to that crap.
Hiya, just had to reply to this one! All the way through I was measuring so big. I was 26 weeks & my belly was measuring 34 weeks and so on. Scans said my baby was gonna be big, midwifes said she was gonna be big.

I put on so much weight. I was terrified of giving birth.

She was born at 39 weeks & just weighed 7lb 4 ounces.

I will never listen to them again! :)
let him know that you wish to wait for your own midwife to return.... is there anyone else in the practice you can see or talk to? it is perfectly ok to ask for a second opinion....

the weight issue ( how big is your baby) is ALL guess work! I met with a mother last week who kept being told that she would have a 6 or 7 pounder... she was insistent that her baby would be larger... the baby was 9#12 she delivered naturally with no problems.

trust your gut and your instincts!


Is it bad that my first reaction to this is, "hmmm she said 'he'?"

Just never had good luck with male OB/GYNs.
I've gained 45lbs. during this pregnancy (my first). At my last appt., my midwife said she was slightly concerned about my weight gain and suggested that I be careful with my carb intake. She said since the baby gains the most weight during this part of the pregnancy, it's key to not overeat (which I haven't really been doing). I thought this was good advice. In no way would she have recommended early induction. That's just nuts.

I've been cutting out sweets and white flour and trying to eat more protein instead of a lot of carbohydrates, but I'd say I still eat 3-4 servings of whole grains/fruits per day. I think I'm on the right track.

No matter what, I know I'm capable to birthing this baby, regardless of his size. I trust myself and I know my midwives trust me too.
some great pages:

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and big baby bull****



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