Hello! I know this site about homebirths and such but I have an issue that some of you might be interested in. Habiba, a mother in Spain who is living in a shelter had her 15 month old daughter taken away from her because she was practicing gentil dicipline, co-sleeping, and on demand breastfeeding.

There is a facebook page dedicated to helping her get her daughter back


Please spread the word

Thank you,


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We are staging worldwide protests Wednesday June 15th at the Spanish Consulates and Embassies at 11am local time. We are also asking everyone to contact your local Consulate/Embassy and the IMMF in Spain for the swift return of Alma to her mother Habiba. 

If anyone is in the Chicago area we will be at 180 North Michigan Ave at 11am. Check facebook for other locals!

Awesome!! Yay!



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