My son needs surgery next months to correct some "boy parts" issues and the doctor has advised me that he cannot eat for 6 hours before the surgery! He is demand fed and very rarely goes that long between feedings, I am so nervous because we don't ever make him "cry it out" or "self-soothe" himself to sleep. I have requested the first appointment of the day but I am really just worried sick about it...has anyone else ever had this issue? How did you handle it?

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Maybe start nursing him with a "lovey" or something that he can begin to associate the comfort of nursing with. Just hold it next to him EVERY time you nurse and encourage him to touch and hold it. It won't help him when he's hungry, but it may help to comfort him.

Good luck! My friend's little boy is the same age and has to have surgery next month too. It's so hard. I'm sorry you guys have to go through this. Can you put it off till spring when he's a little older?
My son had to have Renograms routinely at that age and we had to keep him awake for as long as possible and no liquids either. It's very hard because they don't understand at that age and there is a lot of crying. All you can do is try to distract them, try not to stress yourself (they pick up on it) and just have patience with it all. Be there for him when he cries as much as you can be. You may be able to stay with him in pre-post op or walk him down to the OR or even be with him until the anesthetic is administered. Hopefully everything will move quickly and he'll be back to you and feeding in no time. Best of luck to you!



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