Talking to Friends who Totally Trust the Birth Industry

I am not a birth professional, just a friend who wants to help my pg friends.

I need your input!  I know a lot of Moms who want to "go natural" at the hospital with their first baby (the holy grail!)  I also know many, many more who look forward to maximum pain relief with great anticipation.  How do we who have "wised up" through some eye-opening birth experiences lovingly approach these Moms with resources in a way they will be interested? 

When I try to open the topic for discussion, too often their reactions make me feel like a jaded kook with a pocketful of conspiracy theories.  They seem to think I am foolish for respectfully questioning my doctor, which instantly discredits me.  I am well aware that most Moms just don't want to hear about it, so I don't often assert myself except with close friends and family.

Many first-timers or those who have not yet had a cesarean that they question in hindsight trust their OBs implicitly.  They have no healthy skepticism about the birth industry; no idea how the OB/patient power differential will be used to control them.  Worst of all, they don't yet realize that the system in place prioritizes health of mother and baby much lower than they might expect since there are so many unseen players.

To assist those parents who do not yet cringe when they hear the red flags "allowed" or "not allowed"...  How can we get them inspired to question and learn?

Shari W

2003 Son, Cesarean: induced nearly 42wks, "failure to progress"
2004 Daughter, VBAC: induced at 41wks, draining battle with staff but worth it
2009 Son, HBAC: gestational diabetes, age 41. Switched to home birth plan at 36wks, labor started with acupuncture near 42wks.  Healthy and peaceful!

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Such great points Shari and Lindsay. Thank you for being honest, I wish more women had access to your wisdom!
I agree Sara - thanks for sharing you guys! Spreading wisdom and truth about this subject is the best thing we can do - I learn by everything you say :)

Thanks to everyone for the wide variety of insights and approaches on this topic.  I know it helped me, and I hope it helps whoever comes along and reads it.


Bumping this up because it's a great thread and I've learned so much.  Would like to hear more ideas!






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