My son is 13 months old and still only has his 2 top and 2 bottom teeth, he got those between 6-8 months...should I talk to my doctor or is that normal? I just want him to be able to chew food better so I don't have to worry anymore...I also feel like he's been teething forever. He drools like crazy and bites everything in sight!!! Anyone else's kid go for that long without getting teeth?

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Teeth take a long time to come in. They start to come in, go back down into the gums and then pop out. That's when we see the cute whiteness we love so much.
Have you tried an Amber teething necklace? I love them!
No I haven't...How much are they and where can I get one? That's good to know, I wasn't sure if there was something wrong haha...I'm a worry wart!!
The Amber necklaces are awesome! My 4 yr old even wears one. Amber is a natural pain reliever.
I've seen them in necklace form, bracelet, and they come in different sizes.
You can get them from any of the places linked above.
I have twins and they both cut their first teeth around their first birthday. I believe I remember reading that the rate at which your baby's teeth come in is triggered in part by their diet, so introducing solids equals more teeth more quickly.



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