This is outrageous - I am deeply shocked that this has been able to happen. Words escape me.
I watched changeling and thought - no way, surely this could never have happened. How can anyone assume control over a womans mind. This is no different.


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Wow. That is really horrible. I remember reading about St. Barnabas Hospital in either "Pushed" or "Born in the USA" - I can't remember which one. It was used as an example of a hospital that pushes interventions on its patients. This is why I want to give birth at home!
I cant imagine being a pregnant woman planning to birth there and wanting to have a say in my care. Women will be going in and not contradicting the doctors for fear of loosing their baby. The CS rate will rise and women will be too scared to question it.
It makes me shudder.
Yes, totally disgusting but it will take a story like this to get the American mainstream interested in what is happening and demanding change. What we really need to do is get Oprah to talk about it. I have a feeling this is something that would interest her.
You know, the more you tweet (twitter) about this, post it on Facebook and send emails to your friends about this, the better. We've got to get a buzz going and make this a national issue.
it is doing the rounds on facebook etc. , but it is getting to others through national press etc that is important. it is going around like minded people at present. It needs some high profile publicity - Ricki, Abby...? Where women are loosing children to teh state, doing what most of the rest of the world might consider to be normal rational behaviour, or at least within her human rights something has to give.



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