The 'Astounding' Rise of Home Births - 5 Theories (

"The 'hipness' of home birth was signaled in 2008 by the release of The Business of Being Born, a documentary produced by Ricki Lake, which extolled the virtues of home birth," says Amelia T. at Care2. The film was controversial, but it was also popular, and it brought home birth into the mainstream.


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This is great to hear, women need to take back their power of birthing naturally.
I wish Iowa would liscense midwives for home births... At least near me.  I don't want to drive to Kansas just to give birth.
I think one of the reasons for the growing popularity of home births is the internet and social media.  Women are talking, blogging and sharing their amazing experiences and inspiring each other.  I'd never even considered homebirth until I watched a loads of TV programmes on Discovery Home & Health.  I was astounded by the difference between the American and British approaches to childbirth.  (the USA "style" seemed very brutal).  The TV shows prompted me to hit the internet, chat rooms, discussion forums and even YouTube (loads of great homebirth videos) which lead me to my hypnobirthing teacher.  Ended up having a lovely homebirth with a great NHS (National Health Service) Midwife.



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