The Dilemma of Breech Birth - a discussion in 3 parts... stayed tuned! Part 2 - Communication with your unborn baby



An unborn baby will usually turn to present himself in whatever position it is going to be born around week 34 to 36 of a pregnancy. Before that, it is mainly in an “across” position.

Some recognized medical reasons contributing to breech presentation at the time of labor include the following:

• Preterm labor and birth if labor starts when the baby is still too small to move easily in the uterus.
• A placenta in the fundus: The placenta takes up some of the space in the top of the uterus.
• An unusual shape of the mother’s uterus or fibroids in the lower part of the uterus.
• More than one fetus (such as twins).
• A very relaxed uterus from many previous children.
• Too much or too little amniotic fluid.

Yet more subtle or emotional factors can be at play.

Marie-Paul Baxiu explains breech positioning from a non-medical perspective: “They sometimes hide, as parents are very fixed on the sex of their unborn child, and they are afraid of not meeting their parents’ expectations and will chose to hide their gender in utero, or there could be a parental dispute. The baby is saying, ‘I am not ready to come out the way things are,’ and there are so many other possible reasons.”

Describing how she establishes communication with an unborn baby, while encouraging the parents to communicate as well, Baxiu says: “Well, when a mother is relaxed (connected to her own body), her brain waves are much slower (4 to 7 hertz, theta brain waves. Most of us operate at beta brain-wave level, our regular cognitive state of mind, at 13 to 30 hertz).


“A mother gets into the same brain wave her baby is in continuously while relaxed, and so there is a way to establish true connection and communication. Babies are completely conscious and capable of responding to their mother’s deepest thoughts.”

With the father, she adds, “It works differently. They can only connect to their voice, since they don’t share the same physical space.”

Midwives are traditionally trained by...

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