Can we really say we're surprised? This is a short article, only takes a minute to read.

The Friedman Curve: An Obsolete Approach to Labor Assessment

My initial response is hurt and anger for all the women who have been told they failed to progress or just couldn't deliver vaginally because their labor pattern failed to match up to a ridiculous curve.

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This is something that has interested me ever since I started working in L&D. When women would stall for a while, I always wondered why that was such a big deal as long and mom and baby were ok. This is definitely something I would research if I had the time and money.
From what I've read about Friedman himself, he didn't hold that his curve was such a great idea, that it was really just a math formula he came up with one long night shift on the OB floor after learning his wife was in labor. It was everyone else in the obstetric community that began to call it the end all be all of "normal" labor length. I like the old fashioned, "the sun shall not set twice on a woman in labor", it at least affords a better, more abstract definition of safe labor length. Though I know many women experience much longer labors :-)
LOVED this article. Thank you so much for bringing it to us. I only wish it was published in mainstream media, so more women can become aware of it and know that they can take control of their own labors. Let's hope the word gets out!



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