I want to hear your story about when you felt your "love cocktail" take over and what affect it had on you.
For me it was shortly after birth when my son was on my chest. I was in an incredible amount of discomfort and the nurse offered to take him. I paused, looked down, and was over come - like a wave of need. I felt that without him touching me I wouldn't survive. I needed him with me so deeply - it was inconceivable. It really made those first 8 weeks a lot easier to get through too. How about you?

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Shortly after birth. I looked into his eyes and thought. No woman will ever be good enough for you. That is when I knew I was in trouble.
I remember calling my mom to tell her and she was so surprised at how alive and joyful I sounded. I was...I was alive! All the pain was gone, my fears were gone, my anguish forgotten. It was too amazing to describe. I wish every woman could feel this way.



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