I pledge to all you parents out there who's children are born prematurely- 1 in 8 = 543,000+ children each year, and all the rest who have children that are carried full term to make this march come April March Of Dimes most successful walk ever.

Children have tough enough times as it is. Either being raised in single parent homes, double income households, or privvy to third party care-givers... The obstacles are immense and we cannot always be there to ensure our child's well being.

We can however educate children to eliminate or at the very least minimize victimization simply by promoting the more one knows the better one does. And the best possible way to "ensure all children live their best life," is to help spread awareness and knowledge that will help decrease the amount of premature births. With The March Of DImes giving the nation a school grade of an apauling D, it's quite obvious that we are failing even our unborn children.

Ricki, I love you. You have been a great friend and have enjoyed knowing you. I'm sorry to have lost touch as we found ourselves on seperate coasts... and I have never been one to hang on fame.... but now, I seek your help as my work compliments what you have so generously decided to focus your career on.

Follow my blog KathyRinaldiHope.blogspot.com.

We have much going on, and much you would be very much interested in.

Congrats to you on all you have succeeded on. I am very very prooud of you as I see you are such an inspiration to so many.

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