The trauma of birth is often dramatized to frightening effect (see the movie still above): screaming, swearing and threats of violence are standard. Now, a new movement is hoping to bring attention to birthing experiences that are even worse than these Hollywood renderings of labor. So awful, in fact, that they are calling it "birth rape."

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Re: "so a Doctor should have to ask permission to do things to help keep you and baby alive?"

They are legally and ethically obligated to get your permission, even in life-threatening situations. I think the only time they don't have to is in a First Responder kind of emergency. But in a birth, when you are conscious and coherent? Oh indeed they do unless they want HUGE legal problems!
I wouldn't go so far as to call it "rape" myself but the closest I've ever come to it....
Upon arriving in the hospital the nurse on duty "had" to check me and it was the most awful pain I had ever felt. I don't know what her deal was but I was screaming and cursing at the top of my lungs for her to stop but she wouldn't. I endured 15 hours of pitocin after that and I remember the pain from her check more. I never progressed after that( I know my body shut down out of fear now!) And then the horrible dr that stitched me up when I could still feel everything and threatened to sedate me if I didn't calm down. I wouldn't wish that kind of treatment to anyone, let alone a new mommy!
I think the more light shed on how a birth can and should be the better!
rape is forcibly against someones will sticking something into an orphis of a persons body. Birth even though you are giving life is sexual and and to say that you cant call a traumitizing experience of birth rape is like telling someone who was forced to perform oral sex against there will that they wernt molested. Its insensitive and sad that people think birth should be this passive thing.



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