CIMS (Coalition for Improving Maternity Services) has a project called The Birth Survey, which is intended to create a higher level of transparency in maternity care so that women will be better prepared to make informed decisions about where and with whom to birth. This is an ongoing survey and the more feedback they get, the better the results for everyone! If you've given birth in the last 3 yrs, you are invited to take the survey at but you can still look at some of the preliminary results for all states who've had respondents by going to the website. You can search on providers and hospitals and birth centers in your area to see how they compare with others across the nation.

Please participate in the free survey to share your birth experience. If it was great tell us about it and maybe you'll encourage others to follow your path. If it wasn't great, we want to know that as well so everyone can learn from the experiences of others.

The second part of this transparency project is to get intervention rates from all facilities providing birth care across the country. If you'd like to learn more about CIMS or The Birth Survey, visit
Nothing will change until we speak up and demand better. Have your voice heard by taking the survey. Empower yourself by researching what others experienced and learn about your options. If you don't like your provider/birth location then look around and find one you feel is more compatible with your vision of pregnancy, labor and birth.

Thank You,

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.......
After many years in the Birthing "Business", it is so wonderful to have these support systems, and spread the word of the choices for birthing.
Dana McLaren, midwife
Thank you, Dana! It's about time for some transparency and accountability :)

I hope you can share info about CIMS and The Birth Survey with your clients and colleagues. The more feedback, the better informed we can all be about our birth choices. More results will be released as they are processed, and the survey is ongoing so anyone who has birthed in the last 3 yrs can take it and all of us can benefit from having access to the results and making informed choices on birth providers and facilities.

Thanks for all you do for birthing women!

Certified Childbirth Educator



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