It is sad to see how it is easy to quickly put in the news of how a homebirth went wrong. What about ALL the hundreds of thousands of Midwives and families that have an outstanding and most memorable expirience. Why is that not on the news promoting natural birth. Losing a child is very difficut there is no words to describe it. But picking that it was a homebirth; Why dont' they put on the news when hospitals do wrong. A lot of support for the CNM that was involved and her team.

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I wrote to the TODAY show to complain about this piece and to let them know that I would no longer be watching. I know that the ACNM is aware of this and is drafting a response. I am (personally, as a CNM) most aggravated by the fact that the piece was titled "The Perils of Midwifery."
I totally agree. I believe just like we spent our time writing discussion on this website we ALL need to stand up and write to the Today show make a notice that ALL the midwives and the families that support them will continue. I'm a non active midwife in miami florida, there is no worse city to have NO support than Miami. I will be renewing my lic this year, but when I see this kind of downfall on Midwifery is so sad and upsetting. Rickie Lake has done a wonderful job spreading the news and getting nautral birth out there, They commented on her I hope she makes a statement we need to lash out. If this website was really intended to promote and provide woman and their families all about natural birth and midiwives homebirth this is the time to really show them.
Miriam, thank you for starting this thread. I just watched the video. Its infuriating. The IRONY of doctors claiming homebirth is a fad not to be followed, when they have practically institutionalized the "too posh to push" fad. I'm sorry this family had such a tragedy, its awful. I don't know all the details, but for NBC to put a tagline like "the perils of midwifery" is so irresponsible. Even in birth, death happens, at home or in the hospital. At least they admitted midwives had a better rate of live births. Before saying the ACOG disputes this. Weird but a few weeks ago the ACOG's website was soliciting for stories of homebirths with poor outcome, wonder if this is all related. Childbirth is the hospital's bread and butter, so the homebirth trend is dangerous to their wallets.

But about two years ago, I was interviewed by ABC for a segment about the dangers of c-sections after two moms in NJ died from theirs. I became gravely ill after mine. In the end, they edited it to be a piece about how c-sections are a life saving procedure and put my opinion against 3 doctors and one mom who scheduled her c-section. I know of at least two mom's in real life that died after having c-sections. Why can't we hear about the "perils of c-sections". argh!!!
Also, anyone who wants to share their thoughts with the Today show:
Wow, talk about a biased report. During almost the entire report the title "The Perils of Midwifery" is stamped at the bottom of the screen, regardless of what's being said. Not to mention that they represent the argument of pro-homebirthers only when it is immediately followed with a rebuttle by doctors. They mention the statistics showing homebirth as a safe alternative, only to erase that data in the eyes of the public by saying that homebirth and hospital birth cannot be compared since hospitals take on high risk cases. Of course they fail to mention that there are also statistics showing 'apples to apples' birthing situations (low-risk pregnancies) in which homebirth outcomes are better. Absolutely alarmist, biased media garbage.
Did anyone else catch that they mentioned that the homebirth death rates are lower than those of the hospital? But then the immediately cite that to the high risk women they have... What a biased portrayal of homebirth. My heart goes out to the family that lost their baby, but even with that complication, who's to say they would've caught it in the hospital either?
This is a true statement. A study of 5000 births was done in Holland (where most of them are home births) and of the deaths that occurred, it was found that <1% (?) of them could have been prevented by having been in the hospital.

Also, it is possible to study the rates of home birth complications vs hospital complications. In fact, all you have to do is compare a pool of low-risk homebirthing women to a pool of low-risk hospital birthing women. Hell, we'll even let the OBs deem who's low risk and who isn't! LOL

Which, by the way, has already been done. It is the study showing that "planned home birth is as safe or safer than hospital birth for low-risk women."
ugh. What a horrible story. period. Homebirth or not, they lost their baby. It just sucks that it's now been turned into a media thing. Seems to me it's one more step to making midwifery illegal and making homebirth into child abuse. God protect us.
Amen sist'a.
Obviously the Today Show must be hurting for ratings - there's no other logical reason for that alarmist 'Perils of Midwifery' title shown throughout. Substandard research and reporting - no mention of the large international studies...or that the WHO recommends MIdwives as the most appropriate caregiver for healthy low risk mention that 30% of Dutch women birth at home with midwives or that the UK government recommends homebirth for healthy moms.....

Oh, but those aren't american women... they're different... ;)
Yes, their vaginas have a British accent. LOL



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