It is sad to see how it is easy to quickly put in the news of how a homebirth went wrong. What about ALL the hundreds of thousands of Midwives and families that have an outstanding and most memorable expirience. Why is that not on the news promoting natural birth. Losing a child is very difficut there is no words to describe it. But picking that it was a homebirth; Why dont' they put on the news when hospitals do wrong. A lot of support for the CNM that was involved and her team.

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I just watched it again and it now says Perils of Homebirth instead of the Perils of Midwifery....did I imagine that or have they changed it?

Yes Sara - those strange Europeans must be better at birth.... ;)

Yeah, I think their pelvises are bigger or something... God made them better able to birth than we are.

Or rather their doctors heed the phrase, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!
The hard thing about when stories like this surface into mainstream media, is that we are already fighting an uphill battle, and one black mark tends to put a huge dent in any efforts we've made to get our viewpoint across. I would love to see BOBB on prime time television, or at least a story about wonderful, successful home births.
I totally agree! It's always the ACOG's point of view though, and until there's someone that's in charge that thinks we need change (and an unbiased report including ALL research) I really think that's not going to happen. It's up to us child-bearing women to make the difference in our own care, share our stories and have others want more than they're getting in the way of maternity care.
This segment has made me so upset....especially with what happened with the birth of my second son in April. It is absolutely horrible what happened to that family but this was just so biased...
This is sooo typical of The Today Show. I personally only watch when I want to yell at the TV - almost no matter what they are saying! Like the other day about - "Is the breast REALLY the best?" How annoying.
I pretty much wanted to vomit when I saw it on TV this morning. Ditto your post. Bad, biased journalism.
Its very insulting to insinuate that more women are choosing to home birth b/c its "trendy". How ridiculous. Statements like that keep more people from looking into why so many women dont want to give birth in hospitals anymore. "Oh, theres nothing wrong with hospitals, they are just giving birth at home b/c its TRENDY"
*rolls eyes*
I agree. "Trendy" implies a fashion fad that comes and goes. As far as I know, homebirthing has never "come and gone." It seems to me like medicalized birth is what has come and is now going! LOL
I'm not sure I even want to spend the time watching this trash show, but probably should since the naysayers who are bound to bring it up since i am planning a homebirth in Nov. I am so sick of ACOG and the media that supports them. I'm sick of this fearmongering and ACOG control that continues to rob families and women particularily of their children's births. My female body is not a defect and childbirth isn't meant to be this horrible experience that our society has made it to be.
Today Show= National Enquirer

Trashy, useless B.S.
I like the part where they said "she labored for several hours at home not attended by a doctor, but a midwife..." How many OBs attend moms for several hours of labor, if they are there during labor at all?



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