It is sad to see how it is easy to quickly put in the news of how a homebirth went wrong. What about ALL the hundreds of thousands of Midwives and families that have an outstanding and most memorable expirience. Why is that not on the news promoting natural birth. Losing a child is very difficut there is no words to describe it. But picking that it was a homebirth; Why dont' they put on the news when hospitals do wrong. A lot of support for the CNM that was involved and her team.

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My dr was there for about 8 hours of my labor with my first, because I dilated really quickly and they thought the baby was coming sooner than he did. With all my others he was there maybe an hour before, but would just check in... not really supportive during labor, so no, as a rule, they are not there during labor.
LOL. Yeah. I paid my physicians $4000 each of the first three births for about 20 minutes of his time. My home birth midwife spent more time with me in my prenatal visits than he did for any of those births.
The more I think about this, the more it bugs me. The part that keeps popping up in my mind over, and over again is the bit where someone likened home birth to a spa treatment. ????????? Does it strike anyone else that scheduling your induction and then sitting around in a hospital bed with an epi and playing court to a stream of visitors while watching TV until someone comes and tells you it is time to have baby seems more spa-like than participating in the birth process?
Amen. I've been called "selfish" before for wanting a home birth. As if it is for my own personal "spiritual" benefit. LOL I have to tell you...I really don't know too many women that choose an elective induction or an epidural strictly for the benefit of their baby (or even considering the baby, at all)! I am one of those moms! Never once thought about the baby when I screamed for the epidural.
Oh boy. I watched this clip and could barely contain myself. LOL

I did like the comment by the reporter at the end which was something like "If you do choose a nurse midwife for the care of your baby, make sure that they have good credentials and malpractice insurance."

Seriously? Make sure they have malpractice insurance? Jesus. I do understand this need, but it kind of goes without saying. If there's anything to blame for much of the maternity "oops"s in this country, it is the response of physicians, insurance companies, and hospitals to the sue-happy public. Most of the standard procedures (like EFM, no VBAC, no water birth, etc) are all based upon liability.
With all the concern about liability it baffles me that insurance companies allow things like elective inductions. It seems like playing russian roulette.

I have a good friend who just delivered on Tuesday. She would've been "38wks" on Sat. She didn't know when she got pregnant so the dates could be off, as we know by up to 2 wks in either direction. Anyhow, she was 4cm dilated when she went in to have her water broken. She took Stadol during labor, and delivered a 6lb 11oz girl. As of yesterday at the 24hr mark her baby had not nursed for more than 5 min combined, hadn't had any bowel movements, and was altogether much less interested in eating than I would like to see as a lactation counselor.

I believe this baby was simply too early and was just not quite ready to be born. As to how many hours, days, or weeks she would've stayed in, I don't know, but I'm certain that certain aspects of her beginning in this world would have been easier had she been allowed to come out when she was ready. If she develops any medical issues at all, such as jaundice, that have to be treated, the costs on the birth go up. Who's liable for complications that arise from a situation like this? From what I can see it's the same people who are liable for a VBAC that doesn't go as planned.

If you can choose when to have your baby, why shouldn't you be able to choose how?
It irks me too, to see so much negativity surrounding homebirths...when something goes wrong! I wonder what the ration of "When things go wrong" are from hospital births to homebirths....Frankly, I'm more scared of a hospital birth than a homebirth!



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