What are your thoughts on formula along the side of breastfeeding? Do you think exclusively breastfeeding is better or do you do both? If you use formula, which brand do you feel is the most nourishing and safe for baby?

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if you primarily breastfeed, and occasionally supplement with formula, I too would recommend the ready to feed kind - you more than likely won't use a jar of powder within the month is is "good" once opened. I used what I could find in single cans so I didnt have to buy a whole case. This time I will try to find organic. If you need to use soy, beware. High fructose corn syrup is in most of them becasue soy tastes so nasty (well in this format anyways). only one I could find had no HFCS in it...

I have bf'd each of my dd's for over 2 yrs each and usually pumped milk but occasionally did use formula. We intro'd a bottle around 3 weeks and I try my best to have a small stash of frozen. But I am lucky in that I am a stay at home mom so I don't need to provide bottles except for the odd one.
I chose to formula feed before my first one was born. I was not comfortable with breastfeeding. It wasn't for me. I have to say, I loved formula feeding. My husband, friend and family were all able to help feed the baby. I agree with the benefits of breastfeeding, and know how wonderful it is for other mothers, it just wasn't for me.



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