So just a small background of my experience. All my life, the little time that I did hear about Home Birth, I always thought that only hippies have Home Births. I used to think that they were so silly and crazy for putting their babies at risk. THEN I GREW UP.


     On November 12, 2009 found out I was pregnant. I was so happy and I couldn’t wait to meet the little bundle of joy. I told the family they were all very happy and my aunt referred me to a "wonderful" OBGYN. I saw him up until my 38th week of pregnancy. One day I was browsing around Netflix (my pregnancy hobby) and came across the movie "The Business of Being Born".


     All around (besides the emotional hormones raging through my body) the movie did move me and I was inspired. At 38 weeks pregnant I waddled down to the nearest Birthing center (it was very hard to find online) and found a beautiful person. Joni McCann. Amazing midwife 35 years of experience. When I walked into her office it was so welcoming heard her laughing and everyone one smiling. She greeted me with a warm and friendly hello and she educated me on Home Birth. She asked me what made me want to have a Home Birth. I told her 5 little words, "The Business of Being Born" she laughed and said that’s a great and empowering movie. I asked her what I needed to have a Home Birth. She asked me to go down to my OBGYNs office a request my medical records.


       Once again I found myself waddling around the town. I walked into my OBGYNs office and it was hectic. I walked up to the window and told the receptionist that I was there to pick up my medical records. She asked me why, I told her because I had decided to have a Home Birth....she leaned in as if she were to tell me a secret and says...." you know that you’re going to deliver a baby at home right....not in a hospital...." Then I leaned over and said " I know" . She rolled her eyes and put my name on the waiting list and I waited. I watched my baby kick a few times. I looked around the room and I literally thought to myself all these girls are going to fall right into that rollercoaster of lies and end up getting sliced. My name was called and I walked into the OBGYNS office and he was dressed in his surgery attire, it was then that i realized that I made the right decision. He looked at me strange, it was not my appointment day he opened my file and said what can I do for you. I asked him if he could sign my medical records to me because I wanted a home birth. What happened next I won’t go into detail because I was so offended, he made me feel like I was putting my babies life at risk.


     I still walked out of that office with my head held high and proud of the decision that I made. I went back to Joni's office and told her the horrible story and she giggled and said, "well honey that’s not the what happens when you go to a hospital...the doctor saw a dollar bill walk in and right back out of his office." We both laughed and we became close quick. I felt so comfortable. She came over my home and we spoke about the exit strategy. So we waited.


      July 17, 2010 was my due date....but my little show stopper had to make a special entrance. What was two days late felt like an eternity. 12:40am on July 19, 2010 began the contractions. They were about 15 mins apart and I was sleeping between contractions. Thanks to the homeopathic that my wonderful midwife supplied me with. Around 6:00am I got up to pee and there was the bloody show. I called the midwife, my contractions were 5 mins apart. She told me she would swing by around 8:00am. When she arrived my contraction were about 2mins apart and 45 seconds to 1 min long she checked me and I was 8cm dialated.   


 I was excited, scared, nervous, happy, sad...I didn’t know what to feel it was all happening so fast! I did notice that I was very calm and the house was quiet. I remember at one point, as I was walking across the room trying to find a comfortable position to birth my baby, I looked at myself in the mirror and I thought "wow I would never have thought that I would be having a Home Birth." It was at that point that it put a lot of things in perspective for me. The news, magazines, T.V., society, and the general population is so tied up in a ball of lies. I began to realize that women all across America are in control of their birth. We need to educate all these women so that they can see that they have options and that they CAN birth a baby. Pregnancy is not an illness, it is not a condition that needs to be treated. Women are made to birth babies.


      So as I switched positions a thousand time and broke my toilet as she tried to break my water, I finally found myself lying on the bed my sweetie pie holding my left leg and the midwife’s assistant holding my right. The wonderful Joni between both my legs as if she were directing traffic, push puSH PUSH!! And there he was a beautiful 8lbs 12oz 20 inches long and he had a pair of lungs on him! I looked at Joni and said "I did it!" and smiled at me and said "That’s right honey you did it!" I could not have been more proud of myself that day.


       It’s been 5 months my son is healthy and he’s growing. I love being a mom and the challenges that it brings. When I get dressed in the morning, very trendy clothes, the accessories and I put my best pair of heels on, I take a  look in the mirror and I always tell myself that I’m in control I have the power and I have the courage. If you were to see me at first glance with the hip clothes and the fancy phone you would never guess that I had a home birth. I believe that home birth is for all low risk women and women need to know that they have the ability to do things that break barriers.  I can’t wait for the next one I'll be attempting a water birth.....Hope it’s a girl!!!! =)


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amazing birth story my experience was similar i went to the ob who was my moms and delivered all my sisters and the only defference was i wanted a home birth all my life my partner was jus scared cause his sons mother had an unneceserean. amazing i cant wait till my next birthh eaither i was planning an at home waterbirth this time but my little angel came early an ended up being an natural hospital birth!
Its great that you had a narural hospital birth. My close friend wanted a natural birth and she had chosen a doctor that supposedly was all for natural birth. Well she ended up being enducing for no reason and had a c-section. She was very upset. Many of my friends who wanted natural births ended up having c-sections. You see I live down in Miami where the c-section rate is from 71%- 80%. Very sad.
yes major places like miami and los angeles and new york city have insanely high c-section rates and its sad. my local hospital has a pretty high c-section rate and i think it mainly because we have had the same obs for sixteen plus years and they believe in old fashones obstetrics.

Thanks for sharing your story and showing women out there its not just for hippies=-)) 


I had a Natural well no pain med induction at the hospital, its crazy intense the contractions but it can be done, I think women just need to trust there body more and know there rights. 

Yes!! That its exactly! Im the type of woman that will go running to the medicine cabinet when I had menstral cramps but I knew that when I birthed my baby it was a natural process of life and I was ready.

That is right its a natural process and you just have to trust your body and know it is all worth it.

Having a natural(no pain meds) birth gives a women such a since of empowerment I think every women should have that chance to feel that.=))



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