Does anyone have experience with this. I was having trouble conceiving. I went to fertility speacialist. She said my eggs looked good but that I had polyps in the uterus. I just had a polypectomy and D&C and she now wants to monitor my cycle and give me an HCG trigger shot. I'm not really sure why I need this except to be sure that we have pinpointed ovulation by forcing it. I am not a fan of so much interference. The polypectomy was radical enough for me. I'm now afraid of this shot and God forbid I have multiples. Can someone help. I need to get the shot on 1/12/10. Thanks.

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You don't Haveto anything against your will. if it were me, I would just tell my doctor that I'd like to let my body do it's best now and see what happens. If you can't get pregnant after awhile then you could always get the shot as plan B. But don't do anything you don't feel comfortable with. It's your body and you can say that you'd rather not follow a doctor's recommendation.
I agree with Cindy! It's always your decision and no one elses!
But just to reassure you, the hCG shot will NOT cause you to have multiples. It is almost structurally identical to naturally occurring luteinizing hormone (LH). LH is the hormone released in a "surge" by your pituitary to cause ovulation within 24-48 hours. Your doctor is probably just trying to "guarantee" (for lack of a better word) that you will ovulate at a certain time/day (typically about 36 hours after the injection). When used alone, it will NOT cause more than one egg to release. Now, if your body ovulates 2 eggs a month normally (which some women are genetically prone to do), you could have twins, but the hCG will not cause a "Jon and Kate plus 8" situation---LOL!! Hope this helps...Best to you.



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