I have a 5 week old that has been very much a snuggler.  VERY different from my toddler who could nap just about anywhere.  My new little one has a very difficult time napping/sleeping away from me.  So much so that I did something I never thought I'd do and I co-slept with him for about 2-3 weeks.


Because he wants/needs to be near me I've tried to wear him but without success.  It's probably me doing it wrong or maybe it's the fact he's very long...I'm not sure.  But I own an Ergo and I'm borrowing a Moby wrap and I can't seem to get him into either of those so that we both look and feel comfortable.  I thought the Moby would work better because the way babies are worn looks more comfy, but when I try it the Moby is either too loose or if I can get it 'tight enough' he ends up far too high on me. 


Wondering if anyone would be willing to help me or give me tips with either carrier if I make a video of myself putting it on.  Maybe I'm doing something obviously wrong, but I have no Moby expert friends nearby to tell me so.


(P.S. I can't afford to buy any other wrap or carrier right now so this is all I've got to work with.  And once baby can hold his own head up and is ready to stretch his legs I'm confident the Ergo will be fine, but not quite yet).

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Check this link out-- it shows 4 different holds-- I think the CRADLE would be the best for you, based on what you are explaining.  Good luck!


i got an ergo for my third child- and it's the biggest blessing. firstly, always wear your infant in front. and i found that when i tried to spread her legs to conform to my hips, it was very uncomfortable for both of us, so i bunched up her legs above the waist strap till she was able to comfortably wrap her legs around me. also, try adjusting the straps with someone else to help- it's hard to tell which straps adjusted which way will make you and baby fit better till you try it. good luck!



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