My husband and I have been trying for 6 months to have a baby but it's not working. I also have an irregular period which sucks bc it's hard knowing when I'm ovulating. Anyone in the same pool?

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Try the blood type diet. It has had some great results for getting pregnant.

Oh I didn't know about that! Thank you
Thank you Jenn!

Doctors won't consider you as having 'infertility' until after 12 months of trying. Really look into charting and getting to know your cycles and the signs of ovulation. Check out the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" and Consider a liver detox. And look into red clover capsules. And both of you should drink lots of green tea!

It took 20 months with our first son before I knew anything. We just conceived number two in February after 3 cycles!! (I started charting and learning my cycles for several months before that).

Thank you for the info!
We tryed for 16 months with our second.  Make sure you are taking your vitamins, exercising, and eating a healthy diet.  And charting really helps alot. 
Thanks Mel
How long did you try with your first?
This will be my first! No babies yet.
Check out the " Sperm meets Egg Plan". Worked for us !!
I have been in the same boat, and worked with clients who are. Have you worked with herbs at all? There is a very powerful tincture of a very powerful native american herb called false unicorn. I recommend it to every one i talk to who is trying to conceive. I have an herbal list that I've used that had some really good results but I would try the false unicorn first. It is very powerful but you and your husband need to make sure you are taking it everyday, faithfully.



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