I am a surrogate and i have to have the baby in the hospital, i really wont to have a natural birth. But i know how hard it is to do. I had my first son in the hospital and it was not easy, they tried the whole time to do things i didnt wont and i really dont wont to deal with that this time. My son was a 9lb and posterior, i had a long labor because of it (38h) I just wonted to know for you lades that have had a natural child birth in the hospital what you did? It would really help me out. I am stressed out about this. I just wont a smoother labor with out the fighting with hospital staff. 

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I've had two natural births in the hospital. They both went very well, and the doctors and nurses were very helpful.

As long as you and your doctor understand each other, there shouldn't be a fight with hospital staff. My doctor was very supportive and understanding. With any issues-she explained, gave options, we discussed, and we decided. I did have a simple birth plan that I typed up and gave to the nurses. It basically said I wanted a natural labor and birth, as little intervention as possible, and I wanted everything discussed with me. I also had a wonderful advocate/labor supporter in my husband, who was able to help me make sure we knew what was going on.

Arm yourself with knowledge, and be prepared. That should relieve your stress! Best wishes that you get what you want!
Hiring a doula can help tremendously. Doulas are equipped with knowledge, education and loving hands. Have a beautiful birth!
I had a great doc with my son we talked all about what i wonted and he knew that me and my hubby was doing the Bradley method. But he was out of town for the birth of my son and i got a doc i didnt know and never have seen. I think that was one of the problems, so i think this time i am going to do a detailed birth plain, just in case also with this being a surrogate i dont wont the confusion like last time. Thanks Rebecca for advice and support its nice to know that it can happen and go smoothly=-))
I was thinking about having a doula i will have to talk to the baby dads and see what they think. Thanks
Make your wishes known to all staff from the beginning and hopefully they will work with you. Also remember that you have the right to say no to any interventions that you do not want. It is your body and your labor. Surround yourself with positive people who fully support your desire for natural birth. Natural birth in a hospital can be a great experience. Good luck to you.
I've heard of people putting a sign on their door like "Drug free birth, please do not ask about epidural" or something. If you are giving birth in a large hospital that would be the way to go I think. I'm giving birth in a very small hospital which has a birth center rather than a labor and delivery floor. I'm 35 wks and at this point every one there knows my name and what I want. It's expected that I will "just have my baby"
Your level of defense should be relative to the size and reputation of the hospital.
I live in Long Beach Ca and i going to be having the baby at a big hospital, same one i had my son. I found that they dont find many women wonting a drug free natural birth so they are a little taken back and asked me are you sure and stuff. But i really liked your Idea Emily and i think i will make a sing for the birth that way i dont have to say it over and over.
Thanks for all the support and help ladies=-))
Hi Samantha , I had a natural birth in s hospital w my first baby. I found out late in my pregnancy that my doctor was known for being "cautious" . I should've guessed when she wasn't supportive every tome I brought up the topic of my birth plan n wishes. It was too late to change drs at that point. Somehow I subconsciously wished that my dr wouldn't arrive on time for the birth.. And she didn't! Baby was caught by a tender midwife on duty. Also I waited long before going in. But definitely a doula would help in making ur wishes clear to hospital staff in case ur not in a good position to to
I also recommend hiring a doula. Also, make sure there is an understanding with your doctor about the type of birth you want and what you plan to use to move through your labor. Complete a birth plan and have it signed off on by your doctor, file it at the hospital and then take a copy with you. You could even post it in the room in an obvious place for the nurses to review. I had a wonderful birth in a hospital, but it was with a midwife and great nurses. It is possible. Good Lick!
Hiring a doula is a wonderful idea. Birthplans are great too because they can take a lot of stress out of wondering if you'll be able to voice your opinion on the big day (I remember being so centered and meditating so much that I'm not sure if I would have been able to have a huge conversation!). Go over it with your doc and make sure there's a copy in your file. I think (but maybe as your doc the most efficient way) you can also fax the plan into L&D unit. I've also heard of couples/moms bringing the birthplan into the nurses station personally and introducing yourself beforehand (and even bringing treats in which helps them remember you on delivery day... it's kind of a nice touch). It definitely depends on the hospital or birthcenter as to the extreme you may need to go to. If it's a big place like you said, it may even be a good idea to go in and ask some of the nurses and staff what they would recommend to have your wishes fully met. And like someone else said make sure to have a copy with you when you get there.

Also, it's a wonderful thing that you are doing for them! Major kudos to you!
I had a natural birth in the hospital with my son. Don't go in expecting a fight--it will reflect in your interactions w/hospital staff and may make you seem defensive and difficult. Do go in having lots of information about the various interventions that you don't want and under what circumstances you would accept them.

Make sure you have a short-to-the point birth plan that you and your provider have discussed and any issues the doctor has w/it have been worked out well in advance. Find out under what circumstances he/she would recommend certain interventions and let him/her know under what circumstances you would agree to those interventions. If you & your doctor are worlds apart in these things it may be best to find a different provider. It is almost impossible to have a natural, fight-free delivery if you want a low intervention L&D but your doctor is one whose practices include routine interventions as standard. Find out about the hospital you will be delivering at. If they have a high rate of interventions or tell you that you have to do this or you won't be allowed to do that b/c of hospital policy try to find a different hospital.

Be Informed!!!! If you haven't already, read "Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth" by Henci Goer. Coalition for Improving Maternity Services has downloadable PDF's that can inform you and be printed to hand out to any medical people that question your information or try to pressure you into accepting routine interventions. Find the Inititive and the 10 steps to Mother Friendly care at this link. It also has a list of questions to ask the provider and/or hospital to determine their practices and beliefs on the use of interventions in childbirth. http://www.motherfriendly.org/downloads.php. That way they can't scare you into an intervention you don't want and most likely don't need. Plus since you sound like you know what you are talking about they are more likely to respect (even if they don't agree with) your decision/wishes. Take your Birth Plan with you to the hospital and pass it out like candy. If a nurse suggests an intervention you have already declined or addressed in your Birth Plan give him/her a copy of your Birth Plan (even if you have already done so, it is a very obvious but non confrontational way to remind them that you don't want certain interventions). Put a sign on your door that clearly states that you are intending on having a NCB, decline all Routine Interventions (regardless of hospital policy) and DO NOT want to be offered drugs but would love other support in managing the pain of labor.

As they say the best offense is a good defense. You will not be subjected to a fight if you make sure your provider is on board with your intentions to forgo routine interventions and have a NCB. Above all go into it knowing that YOU are in control. State and federal law as well as court precedence say that you have the absolute right to informed consent. Hospital policy does not trump that. They offer you sugesstions and you accept or decline. Be friendly but firm. You have the absolute right to say NO and to request a change in nurses if the one assigned to you is not respectful of your wishes and/or tries to pressure you.
If a nurse seems abrasive, disrespectful or makes you feel pressured don't let him/her back in your room. Request a new one.

Good Luck! And bless you for your willingness to bring the miracle of a baby to a family that otherwise would not have one. Very admirable.
I just wonted to say thinks for all the support and help from you. It always nice when some one can support you and help you out with something you really wont. I been doing a lot of reading more then with my son, which i read a ton them tool. But more about natural birth and all. I find it helps to read others stories. Thanks for the link i will look into that.
Hi Samantha- I am a Doula in your area. If you want to email me I can help you go over many things that can help you to increase your chances of having a natural birth.



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