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I was wondering what resources people could point me to for turning a breech baby.  I had an ultrasound today and found out baby girl is 100% breech @ 32 weeks along.  My OB's office, who I'm seeing in tandem with my home birth midwife, recommended a chiropractor to do something called the Webster's technique.  So, I'll be looking into that.  I know there have to be other options and wanted to tap into your collective knowledge and experience!

Thanks in advance for your help!


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That's great news, Rachel! Now the baby can make an appearance when she's ready.
She is not quite vertex but she has now flipped sides and her head is pointing down my left side instead of straight up and it feels like she is using her feet to try to kick off and flip around. I did moxibustion last night then pretty much stood on my head for a few (not comfortable). As I am typing she just did some serious movement, it felt like she went further toward being head down! Hopefully I will start feeling kicking up high. My ultrasound yesterday at 37 weeks put her at about 8 lb 13 oz. If I have to go to the hospital my doctor agreed to a vaginal breech, no arom, no cord cutting and she agreed to wait. She also wants a call as soon as I have her at home. I figure as soon as she is in position it will only be a matter of days. My due date by my LMP would be May 4th, my EDD from the OB is May 20th.
Oh at the Chiropractor yesterday they stretched the ligaments on my left side to help give the baby room to move. I also guess my sacrum was shifted to the right. After every adjustment my baby has moved a lot. I have also been able to stand up without pain and sit down without bracing myself and I taylor sat the other day, I haven't been able to sit indian style for years. Even if she doesn't turn the Chiropractrics has done wonders for my ability to move which should make delivery so much better.
I'm so glad Eileen! Isn't it amazing how something so simple can make such a big difference?



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