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I was wondering what resources people could point me to for turning a breech baby.  I had an ultrasound today and found out baby girl is 100% breech @ 32 weeks along.  My OB's office, who I'm seeing in tandem with my home birth midwife, recommended a chiropractor to do something called the Webster's technique.  So, I'll be looking into that.  I know there have to be other options and wanted to tap into your collective knowledge and experience!

Thanks in advance for your help!


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I, too, had a breech homebirth. This was my third baby and she was breech from 28 weeks on. I didn't actively start trying to turn her until 35 weeks. I used many of the methods mentioned.

There is also an old wive's tale about breech babies and how they turn their head up towards the heart to comfort their mother. If there is anything emotional going on may want to reassure the baby that you'd be more comforted with the head down.

enjoy this time,
Nicole, my midwife told me that wive's tale about breech babies wanting their heart to be closer to their mother's heart. Of course, this was after he had been born, but I thought it was really sweet. It's so interesting to me, because during my pregnancy I was really struggling to feel close and bonded with my baby, and now that he's here I have such a strong connection with him. I almost wonder if he stayed in that breech position because of the emotional disconnection that I was struggling with at the time. I had a dream during that pregnancy that showed me that I would have a really good close relationship with this baby. I think the home birth experience also helped with that.
Great idea!

I had my first chiropractic appointment yesterday and baby girl was *very* active the rest of the afternoon. She seems to have definitely moved. I'm not sure if she is head down yet, but I'm feeling a lot more activity on my right side instead of at the top of my belly.

Today I saw my homebirth midwife and she checked baby's position. Her conclusion is that either baby has turned and her head is in my pelvis - or her butt is in my pelvis. She said it really feels like a head, but she could be wrong. We'll keep up the chiropractic appointments, iron board tilts, etc., and have an ultrasound in a couple weeks to confirm position again. In the meantime, I'll continue to be cognizant of where I'm feeling kicks and elbows to get an idea for how she is positioned. Either way, my homebirth midwife is very experienced with breech vaginal birth and very comfortable with assisting in such a delivery, should it be necessary.

Oh, one interesting fact that my midwife shared with me today was that breech babies often come around 38 weeks. Has anyone else heard that before?

So, I'm excited! I know that, whether or not she turns, this is still going to be an amazing experience. It has been especially encouraging to hear so many of your stories! I have a lot of peace about this baby's delivery.

Way to go Rachel! Peace is so important, and I'm so glad you feel it. My breech baby was a little bit overdue, so I'm not sure about them coming at 38 weeks. I've actually heard that a malpositioned baby is more likely to come later, which was the case with mine. Best of luck! I know it will all work out beautifully for you.
My baby came a bit early (38) as my others were at 40 weeks, and it is quite common. I've been at a few breech births besides my own and they were at 39 weeks and were first time moms as well. Yet, every baby and every birth is different. So glad you have a confident midwife, that makes all the difference in the world!
I just had my first chiropractic appt and I had a lot of movement the rest of the day, I won't know for sure if she turned until tomorrow. It is so exciting to hear how things are working for everyone.
That's great Eileen! Let us know!
I do not have any personal experience with breech babies, but you might look into ICAN in your area, they may be the best resource for your area. On my ICAN email list, there have been multiple discussions about turning breech babies, and lots of referrals to a couple of local midwives, who supposedly have a 100% turn rate! I think that they don't charge too much to have you come in to their office/home and they turn the baby right there. Of course make sure it is someone with experience and training.

I have now met with both my home birth midwife and my OB's office and both are pretty certain baby is no longer breech! Either her head is definitely in my pelvis or her bum feels an awful lot like a head. :) We haven't done another scan yet, but I honestly don't feel a lot of pressure to get another one. All the movement that used to be in my pelvis is now at the top of my uterus, so even before the midwives checked the baby, I was pretty sure she had turned. I really think that my first chiropractic appointment, which dealt with a significant tightness in my front right ligaments and my pelvic alignment, gave the baby what she needed to be able to turn. I know that baby would have been fine either way, since we are planning a home birth. But, we are pretty excited!

Woo Hoo!
That's great news, Nicole. What chiropractor did you use? Did she do the Webster technique?



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