I'm 34 weeks and my baby is currently posterior. In my past pregnancies my babies become pretty well engaged by about 37 weeks( this is my 3rd), so I'd like to encourage this one to take a more favorable position before it becomes more difficult.

I am currently doing all of the following: spending 20 min in the "playful puppy" position, 3 times daily. Instead of squatting to pick up things off the floor at home, getting on hands and knees and just crawling around to pick things up.(Wonderful fodder for comedy in my home). Practicing visualizing the baby in a more favorable position and talking to the baby. Making sure that when I am sitting my pelvis is rocked forward so the baby is less like to engage.

Basically I think I have all my bases covered but I'm willing to try anything so I thought I'd ask and see if anyone wanted to impart some tried and true little nuggets of wisdom to me,

Thanks a bunch!

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Avoid sitting in a reclining position as it makes the back of your pelvis the most open. Sitting on and rocking on a birth ball promotes better positioning. When taking stairs take them 2-3 at a time and hold it for a few seconds. Also when sitting on the floor or couch sit with one leg tucked up toward you, as it helps to open your pelvis more. Swimming is also good for positioning.

A more active approach is getting on knees and elbows and having someone stand behind you and put a bed sheet under your belly and across your pelvis bone and then pull it back and forth, almost in a shaking fashion fashion if that makes sense.
Have you seen this website? Spinning Babies
The Spinning Babies link is really good. You can also try wearing a bell on a long long necklace or shining a flashlight at the bottom front of your belly.

(*this was "my topic" during our birthing classes)


My last baby was posterior until near the end of my labor. What finally got him to turn was a technique that my midwife had showed me a few weeks prior, but I hadn't been trying it with the exaggerated position it truly required.
Basically, I laid on my right side with my right leg out straight beneath me. My left leg I bent really really high, like my foot was resting on my right thigh above my knee. It basically puts pressure on the bottom neck of the uterus so that the baby turns his head, with his body following. The trick is that it isn't a casual laying on your side, it's a fairly active position, making sure your bottom leg stays straight and your top leg stays hoisted up nice and high.
She also gave me a few pulsatilla tablets during that exercise while I was in labor. I think it's actually more effective during labor rather than before, but as a homeopathic remedy its supposed to address malposition of the baby. After laying that way for about 45 minutes, plus the pulsatilla, I felt the baby rotate right around. What a relief!
I haven't heard of that position before. Thank you!
I'll try the flashlight and the bell, and the position Emily suggested. I'm going to see a chiro around 36 weeks if baby hasn't turned yet. Spinning Babies is a great resource and I've gleaned a lot of encouragement and ideas from it.

I think I'm a little more bothered by this than I would be/should be because 25 years ago I was a posterior baby and after pushing for 3 1/2 hours my mom ended up with an emergency c section. That being said I have many advantages she did not. This is my third child, I have a midwife who's been practicing for around 30 years, and access to a lot a knowledge.

Thanks a bunch! Keep 'em coming!
I highly recommend findin a practitioner that is trained to do cranio-sacral massage. This is very effective at helping babies get in a good (head down, anterior) position. And remember that sometimes posterior babies can and do turn during early labor. Good Luck!
Just curious...How can your mw tell? I asked my doc and she said she wasnt able to tell by feeling, and that unless I had a pronounced "double bump" that she needed to feel 2 sutures to be able to tell (but that some people can tell, she just isnt one of them). I could feel his bum out the front of me so I was pretty sure he was anterior, but I always wondered if I would know if baby was OP.

Anyways, spinning babies was going to be my suggestions but that's already been covered! Lots of neat tips though!! I learned a lot!
She can't feel the baby's back at all, and it's been in that position for a while(since ultra sound at 28 wks). On Spinning Babies they talk about feeling the hands in the area underneath you belly button, which I have felt a lot of too.

Both my previous pregnancies it was pretty clear when they were anterior because their bottoms were always lodged under my ribs. :)

This baby actually did turn a couple of days ago, then turned back, and then back to anterior again. I'm not so worried as I was before now that I know the baby can turn, I feel pretty confident it will settle in where it's supposed to when the time comes.
cool! its so neat how we can tell what body parts are where :-)

lil turkey, stay the right way and be nice to momma!



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