Has anyone of you had one or want one? Please share your thoughts/opinions. I know many women in my area who have homebirthed with a midwife but only know of women on other sites that have delivered this way.

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I'm also very interested in this and would like to hear others' stories if they're out there!
I've read many inspiring stories and seen plenty of videos of women who have had UC's. This is how I plan to birth my first child. Whenever that may be.
Out of the 5 children I have given birth to, 3 of them were waterbirths born at home. Our last daughter was my first UC. It was amazing!! The only people there were my sister and my husband. I delivered in our garden tub in our master bathroom. Everything went so well. My husband and I did A LOT of reading, praying and preparing. My husband's ex had delivered C-section 12 yrs. ago, so this was his first natural birth ever, and our first baby together. What an amazingly intimate experience!!! We plan on delivering like this again (unless God chooses differently) when we decide to have another. Our daughter is now 8 months old (today actually!) and we're feeling the baby bug : ) At some point I would like to share my birth stories. I am a pretty busy mom so it will take a while I'm sure. But if there are specific questions anyone would like me to answer, I can do my best to share.
I had a wonderful UC in May. My birth story and a piece I wrote reflecting on the birth are posted in my blog. I would be happy to answer any questions, so please feel free to ask!



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