Anyone had one? What are your thoughts on having a unassisted birth at home?


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I do plan on homebirthing our third baby (when we get pregnant) but for me, unassisted is out of the question. I think its a fine option for someone else but not something I would be comfortable with. I have a history of pp hemorrhaging so for me, not having someone skilled there would be scary. I think its a fine choice for someone else though if they are knowledgeable and prepared for it.
I would be scared to even thought my two births were perfectly okay for me. My first child did stay at the NICU for 2 days because he wasn't taking any milk nor interested in breastfeeding. My second child was a breeze. She latched one well and we were home after a day from the hospital.

The thing I find important is you have to know what you want and what to expect. I insisted on natural birth even if it is the hospital setting. I remembered for the first birth, the nurse or the doctor kept asking me if I want to have an epidural ... I said NO so many times ... I even told my husband, do not let anyone give me anything watch them! ... so they finally stop pestering me about getting an epidural. Next, one doctor who wants to help me by telling me that she could rupturing my sac to help this process go faster. I said hell NO get away from me. I think cause it was her lunchtime or something. And just after an hour or so my water broke by itself and then everything went so fast ... out came the baby.

I probably wouldn't know what I should do being unassisted with someone who knows what to do unless if there are instructions that I can follow and have my husband be in charge if things goes wrong? ... hmm ... but I definitely know what I want and voice it ... with a doctor or doula or whoever is helping.
I am very divided on this issue.
On one hand I trust the way our bodies are designed.I have read amazing UA birth stories.
On the other hand I have attended births where all was fine then bam some help was needed so it didnt get out of control.
I attend a birth last year that was spose to be at our local hospital but ended up a surprise home birth.It was just me, momma and grandma in the bedroom. It was a wonderful experience. BUT is something had gone wrong with mom or baby I would not have the knowlage, skills or tools to help.
For me personally I perfer to labor on my own with hubby but like having a knowlageable caregiver near by is a comfort to me.
There are some amazing resources out their. Any decsion about birthing needed to come from within...feed by education and personal beliefs



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