My ideal birth scenario involves only me, my wonderful husband, and our precious baby. Yes, we're planning to have an unassisted birth at home. I'm actually due any day now, I'm 40 weeks and feeling wonderful. This is my first pregnancy. I began prenatal care at 5 months and have had no problems/issues. I'm very healthy and take excellent care of my body, mind and spirit.

Have you had an unassisted birth? I'm curious to discuss this topic with parent(s) who have actually birthed by themselves.

Since becoming pregnant, I became a complete junkie for pregnancy & birth information. After looking into our many options, my husband and I ultimately decided we did not want another being present as our baby entered this world. Please know that I'm not against hospital birth. We live in the BayArea just minutes away from 3 major hospitals. I'm registered at Alta Bates if needed. I'm also not against midwifery. But after meeting with a few and doulas also, I began coming to terms with not only My needs but our Babies and My Husbands needs. We're both quite sensitive, very intuitive people. And I know enough about myself to understand that the presence of another human, trained professional or not, would have an effect on my ability to center myself and completely surrender to the birth process. No matter how supportive a midwife or family member/friend can be, their emotions/ thoughts/ vibes would hinder the sacredness that my husband and I desire to create during the birth process.

BTY I absolutely love Ricki Lake's movie, BOBB. I've watched it several times on NetFlix. I've also enjoyed Birth Without Violence and Birth Into Being.

Today we're gathering with family & friends for a pool party. I can no longer fit into my bikini, but do plan to swim in ? something? maybe my husbands shorts, my large pregnancy panties? All the while, I will continue to visualize my ideal birth, speak in positives about my birth and communicate with the blessed being inside of me.


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