I was at a birth this week that seemed a little bit more unusal than the others. This was my 5th birth.
Mom 40years
spon ROM 1030 10-19
34 weeks
had epi to remove cercleage
mother kept the epi in until the next morning and then decided to remove it
had cytotec early morning dilated to 2cm
decided to try pit got to 5cm with pit
then decided to go back on epi and then did not dilate for over 5 hours this was past 36 hours after ROM
dr decided to put a pressure montoir in to check contrx.
gave her 4 hrs to dilate
after 4 hrs nurse checked and was was @ 10
prepped and checked again back at 7cm
tried turing on side with leg up
dr even tried manual massage of cervix
c-section was then decied 47 hours after spon ROM
has anyone ever had anything like this or heard anything
any insight to better myself would be great

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Did she experience rectal pressure at 10cm?

What was the baby's position when the baby was taken?
What was the baby's position? Was it a possible breech? I had a surprise breech home birth in July. At one point I was dilated to 9 and when the midwife checked a few minutes later I had gone back to a 7 and my cervix was hard and swollen. I don't know if it was due to the baby's position (which we weren't aware of until I started pushing later), but I do feel it was at least partially psychological. I wanted my kids there and when I got to a 9 they were still asleep. We waited and I eventually got to complete when the kids were up, started pushing, and then realized he was breech. I delivered him vaginally in the tub.

It could be position of the baby, psychological, emotional, or any number of factors. Sounds like the Dr. was patient.
I have often wondered about the whole cervix changing thing....I have found that sometimes it has to do with the emotional situation of the mom. I had one mom that went from a 7 to a 4. I was scratching my head with that one, but I think (looking back in hindsight) she was afraid to give birth and become a mother.
I've chewed on this a little bit and now I have more questions. :)

I just noticed her gestation. Was she afraid for the baby's well fare? How was the baby doing? Were there conversations going on in the room about the condition of baby that would raise concern?

As her doula, what do you feel her mental state was? What about her birth partner or other family/friends present in the room? I think your answer probably lies in the emotional state of the mother(as the other suggestions stated) Perhaps upon further analysis of the L/D room you will see something else if you look at it from your clients shoes.

Have you done your post-partum visit yet?
You know what's funny, medical people will deny that this can happen. But I've noticed from experience that it does. There are just some times when you know you are not wrong.
Ina May Gaskin talks a bit about it in her Guide to Childbirth. It usually has something to do with a mental or emotional hang-up that has not been dealt with.
It wasn't during active labor, but at 37 weeks I was dilated to 3cm. my FIL had been staying at our house working on it. (and doing a crappy ass job at that, he and i do NOT get along.) and we were trying to get the birthing room finished, my kitchen had NO floor (could see to the basement)... my own father had to fly in and help out else it would not have been finished in time.

i was having prodromal labor. contractions 2-3 mins apart for 4-5 hours then stopping until the next day. my body was so ready. emotionally, mentally.. i was not.
at 39 weeks, checked to be at 1cm. it was so disappointing to go backwards from 3-1!

baby born 40 weeks 3 days. - one week after FIL finally left and the house was finally done and set up how i wanted it.
so, that cerclage, really helped, didn't it? Obviously the baby wasn't ready to come out, or it would have. Some PROM, is really just a high leak, that seals itself back up. My guess is that would have happened if left well enough alone! One of my favorite back-ups says, "see this name tag? It says M-D, not G-O-D!" I love it. I wish more obs realized the difference!
wow, people are still passing out cytotec? And admitting to it online? (Or were you just observing? Did you have an opportunity to speak up for the mom??)

10 then back to 7cm...was the exam performed by the same attendant? she had the epi at this time...was she pushing w/o knowing it? swollen lip? was she allowed to walk, pace, move and change positions?

Yeah, I just talked to a birth center RN, a close friend of mine, and she said the OB's who work up there order cytotec, calling it 'miso' all the time, like it was candy. What is it gonna take people!
Thanks so much for all the insight. I do believe that it was a psychological issue. I had an issue with someone coming into the room that was not invited and thats when she stopped. This in turn made her afraid. I feel much better knowing that this was not something that a change in position could have helped. I went to see mom and baby the next day and told her that i was very proud of her and her partner most would have given up a day ago but she kept trying. She feels okay with her experience. I told her to hold her head up up and be proud of her courgaous actions. She stood up for what she believed in and wanted.



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