I am currently 40 + 5 weeks pregnant.  I was induced with my first pregnancy at 41 + 3 and it was a miserable experience with the typical series of interventions that followed (thankfully I made it out without a C-section, but that in and of itself was a fight).  I firmly told my doctors that I didn't want to even consider an induction prior to 42 weeks if my pregnancy was otherwise normal and healthy, which it has been.  I even went as far as switching doctors at 37 weeks to get a more supportive and hands off cast of characters.  I was informed this morning that the hospital has "no availability" for the date requested (42 + 1) and I am currently scheduled again for 41 + 3.  I am hoping/praying that I go into labor on my own, and I am doing everything in my power to do so (sex/nipple stimulation/walking/acupuncture/EPO you name it...) but I am so disappointed that this is even a conversation again.  I plan on digging my heals in, and refusing an induction prior to 42 weeks, but I am so frustrated that I am hear again and feel like something is wrong with me ... like my body is unable to do this on its own.  Not sure there is really an answer here, but just need a forum to vent. 

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