With my first son, a "failed" home birth (had him at my hospital's birth center after some scary decel's), I never had much of an urge to push. But push I did! It wasn't until about 2 hours into pushing that I finally felt that unmistakable bearing down feeling, and he was born soon after that. My second son's birth was different in that I stood up to push, but still, I never had that "my uterus is pushing for me" feeling. Instead, I just wanted to push because I wanted to be done. And it was a great delivery, I was hanging off my headboard in kind of a squat, bearing down with my whole body. He was almost nine pounds, and he came without a tear, what an amazing feeling to breathe out a head, and sort of let go of the body. I was just wondering how the pushing phase was at everyone's home birth? What was that "urge to push" really like?

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I had the urge to push like folks have said, like wanting to do a bowel movement. The first real pushing was during the height of pain but only 30 minutes before I had not dilated at all. The midwife and doula thought it might take me days to have the baby, but I just knew that I was having this baby soon. With one good push, something popped out, maybe the plug?, and I was so happy to have some tangible progress. I pushed for 4 hours total. Now, I was not doing hearty pushes after the first. I did Hypnobirthing classes which encourage your body to do all the work, and I really didn't want to tear. So I just did mini pushes. I feel lucky that no one ever urged me to push harder, and I did not tear. The urge was not bigger or smaller, just the "wow, I have to go feeling".



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