I'm due in a few weeks and just recently had three different people question whether or not our pier and beam house would support the weight of a birthing tub.

Has anyone else with this type of foundation had any issues?

I've googled it, but come up short and don't really know where else to turn...should I call out a structural engineer? Ha!

Thanks in advance for any answers/suggestions!

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If your house can support a regular bathtub, I'm pretty sure it can support a birthing tub.  I wouldn't worry about it! 

Thanks! I talked to my midwife today and she said pretty much the same thing....she also said she'd be ready to pull me out if she heard creaking though. ;)

You've probably already had your baby by now, but in case anyone else has the same question--My first homebirth was in a house built in the 1920's so I was a little worried about the foundation.  I was told that if your foundation can hold a piano, then it can hold a birthing tub.  (I already had a piano and no problems so I figured we were good to go...and we were.)

I did! Had the baby 2 days ago. He ended up being a fooling breech so needless to say, I didn't get to stay in the tub too long (I got out and delivered next to it). But the weight of the water ended up being no problem at all!

...Now the weight of the 8 firefighters who showed up just in time to watch me deliver my placenta, well that's another story. :)

P.S. -Baby and I are doing fine, and even after all of the "excitement" it was an amazing experience!

lol WOW!!!  Congratulations!!!  When was it determined that the baby was breech?



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