So I posted a few months ago about feeling utterly discouraged because my dr wasn't supporting me in wanting a VBA2C with no previous vaginal births and feeling broken. Well I went to the ICAN ladies in my area and they helped me find a VBAC friendly dr. I prepared myself for my daughters birth by taking Bradley Method classes because I felt my best chance at a VBA2C was to go naturally. When the time came I went to the hospital and found out my dr. was out of town. The on call dr told me she didn't feel comfortable To VBA2C and would rather c-section me, but if I dilated 1cm every 2 hours naturally (no pitocin) then she'd allow me to try. Well the dr. didn't even get a chance to check me again. Within in an hour and a half I had to start pushing because I was already dilated to 10cm. With in 15 minutes my daughter was born vaginally all natural. :) it was one of the best experiences in my life. I owe that experience to the ladies that made The Business of being Born, the support I got from all you ladies at this site, the ICAN ladies in my area, my Bradley Method teacher and my husband's cousin who told me about the documentary that made me believe in myself and to want a better birth experience. Thank you everyone, I couldn't have done it without you. :)

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Congrats momma!

Thank you :)



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