I thought I read an article on vaccines being less effective when the baby is breastfeeding on the CDC website a while ago, and of course, I can't find it now.  Anyone have helpful links on this topic?  Thanks!

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These info at this link may help you. Educate before you vaccinate! Www.vacbook.com
Oh thanks for the link, I have one of those books- great read!  And important information....are you really having your 9th child?!  Wow!  You are amazing.  I'm so busy with just 3. haha.
Yes, I am really having my 9th! I am only capable of doing what God gives me the strength and grace to do so HE is the amazing one! I was once where you are - with 3 little ones and they do keep you very busy, indeed. My oldest 4 are boys so that was a very busy time! My older ones help out a lot now with the younger ones which is great. I also Homeschool my children, which keeps us all super busy!!! Take care. Alyssa
Holy cow.  We have 3 boys under 3, and honestly, that's enough for me right now! :)  We're LDS, and we have a lot of friends who have tons of kids and homeschool like you are doing- I really admire all of you for doing that.  Our Muslim friends have large families as well...that would be nice to have older kids to help out!  I can't wait until mine can clean their room. haha.

I think you're thinking of the rotavirus. Research indicates that giving and infant the rotavirus vaccine while they are being breastfed will impede immunological response. So, the researchers have come up with the perfect solution: stop breastfeeding for a few days! (i can't even begin to explain why that 'recommendation' is unbelievably stupid)


Here's an article on it: http://vactruth.com/2010/05/07/vaccine-breastfeeding-immune-response/

Thank you!  This was what I was looking for!  The "titers" are the important thing...haha, yes, they are so dumb to recommend stopping breastfeeding.  What, would you have us all get mastitis (and worse) and starve our babies just to put something in them that causes all sorts of problems?  Right. :)

Now I have heard it all! BF helps prevents diarrhea and in cases where baby gets it, BF helps treat it. Why a doctor (regardless of some stupid "study") would recommend that we suspend BF, and all the natural antibodies that are part of why its so much better for the baby, so we can inject some man-made version of antibodies is beyond me. My kids (all BF) ddin't even get this shot--my doc said that since I BF it wasn't necessary :-)


Basically, we have half the medical community working like hell to increase awareness about the benefits of BF and getting more women to BF at all, and the other half (this study and a recent one released that refutes the WHO recommendation that all babies be EBF for first 6 mos, that ridiculous "study" said that EBF babies need solids at 4 mos to avoid becoming anemic & suffering brain damage and having food allergies, of course I am paraphrasing) telling us why we shouldn't...


Ridiculous. That's really all I can say...

Yikes! What a crazy article- stop bfing to give a vax....If I did that my milk would dry completely up!

I was just reading in the book "The Complete Breastfeeding Book of Answers" by Dr. Jack Newman (a leading authority on the subject) that vaccines are actually more effective with breastfeeding, not less.  He writes, "Artificial feeding [formula] reduces the effectiveness of vaccinations by diminishing the baby's response and production of the necessary antibodies.  Breastfed babies have a better response to vaccinations, and produce more antibodies" (pg. 12). 


Hope this helps!  :o)

Wait, I keep hearing various experts contradict each other about this....how confusing!  Thanks for posting, I'll look for his book on Amazon.  I like to read about both sides, but I am still pro-breastfeeding and anti-vaccines, so far...



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