Searching for information regarding vaginal birth after myomectomy.  I have scoured the web and cannot find any reputable reports / info related to VBAM (that's what im calling it at least).

My current OB is the doctor who performed by myo in Dec 2012 and is a GREAT surgeon.  He also fully supports VBACS!  However, prior to ever having looked at my fibroid that needed to be removed in order for me to get pregnant, he told me i would be having a c-section.  This bothered me and still does.  He had not looked at the fibroid, considered my health, weight, age, etc.  And again, he is a surgeon so I feel he probably leans towards surgery regardless.

Questions:  What is the difference between VBAC & VBAM?  Why would a doctor support VBAC but not VBAM?

What if i wanted a natural birth free of drugs....wouldn't this decrease the likelihood of uterine rupture (just like VBAC)?

I would want to have my baby in a hospital under close observation and if a c-section was medically necessary I would do it, however, i do not support any unnecessary medical intervention. 

Btw, i am 5 wks preg right now....I would like to have a 2nd opinion but don't even know how to begin my search.


Shannon P

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Have you tried talking with some midwives and seeing if they will deliver you? you could then ask if they have a doctor backing them in case of emergency. 



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