So a very close cousin of mine introduced me to the documentary The Business of Being Born. After watching it I wish I would have known about it before or during my first pregnancy, because I had a lot of unnessary interventions and had a C-section. About six months after my first son was born we had another surprise because I had conceived again. During my 2nd pregnancy I started having contractions at 5 months, and placed on terbutaline and bed rest. I ended up going into labor and had him via C-section for 2 reasons, #1 I had conceived to soon after my first c-section and 2 he was breech. So c-section #2 happened and I absolutely hated it. My son was born about 2 months early and was having problems breathing so he was sent to the NICU. what I hated about the most was he was born at 7 in the morning and I didn't see him until 5 that night because I had to wait until my epidural wore off. I never want to be separated from my baby like that again. What I want to know is if I'd be able to have my next baby (once we've conceived) vaginally and possibly at home. If anyone has done it please let me know, I'd really appreciate it. 

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Hi!  I can't believe I actually get to respond to this, as I'm now in the elite group of VBA2Cers!!  I had my first two daughters via C-Section (1st was failure to progress, 2nd was elective), and although there is a 7 year gap between #2 and #3, I had my third daughter VBA2C!  I delivered with a midwife at a hospital, only because if I would have had to transfer from a homebirth, the local hospital would've done a CS, so I opted a VBAC friendly hospital in a town 45 minutes away.  So I can tell you that it IS possible!  But my #1 point of advice is EDUCATE, EDUCATE, EDUCATE.  You can't learn too much, and there's always more to learn, to read, and to research!  Know your options, have a plan, and make sure you are 100% confident.  Also make sure you have a good supportive team of doctors, midwives, family, etc. around you.  They will make or break your success as well!  I went post-dates (by 1 week) with my VBA2C, did it med-free after PROM of 36 hours, and was successful!  Good luck to you, hope to welcome you to the VBA2C club someday!!

My home birth baby after 3c-sections will b a year old on the 8th. I was told for years I could not deliver a baby over 8lbs and was scared into 3-c-sections. When I found out I was pregnant again I could not bare the thought of another surgery. I read everything I could about home birth and found a supportive midwife. It was a wonderful pregnancy and a awesome birth. My little man weighed 11lbs4ozs my biggest baby yet! Good luck on your vba2c journey!! For me there is nothing like having a HB! I would never want to step back in the hospital for nothing and I had a almost 17 hour labor!

Wow! Jessica and Brandy you ladies make me so sure of what I want to do. I really appreciate your information. It makes me feel that much more confident of being able to take this journey I hope soon to take. I was so worried I wouldn't be able to but you two give me that much more strength in doing this. Thank you so much. I'll keep you posted on events to come. :)

While I haven't had a VBAC personally, I am a Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor and wanted to point out two organizations, ICAN and VBAC Facts, are great resources for finding facts to support your journey and increase your confidence in your decision. Since your frame of mind will be important for success, reading supportive research and personal stories is very helpful. Of course, I highly recommend hypnosis too. :)


Thank you so much Georgianna, I'm definitely checking those out. I'm actually expecting right now and after my first appt I've decided that the dr I saw will not be delivering this baby, because he seemed to have no faith in me. So any and all positive reinforcement will definitely help. :)



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