Hello all I am wanting to know if anyone here has had a VBA2C? My daughter was born in October of 2006 via emergency c-section ,with a lower transverse incision, after an induced 29 hour labor and failure to progress (truly believe the induction was to blame here). There were no complications from her birth but it left me feeling like less of a mother and woman because I had wanted a natural birth. I was in mourning for months after her birth and decided that I wouldn't be put under the knife again. I started to do all the research I could on VBAC and was determined to get one. I became pregnant with my son in March of 2008 and was excited to have my Natural birth that I wanted so badly. Being in Louisiana most doctors openly refuse to perform VBAC's and I really was only left with one option for a doctor, not that I am complaining because I ended up loving this doctor for all he did for us but I wish there were more options for me. I had a complication free pregnancy but around 28 weeks I started to have a nagging pain on the right side of my belly that lasted until the end of my pregnancy. My doctor told me we should go ahead with the VBAC but I was so scared by all the information that other doctors before him had given me that I decided to do a repeat c-section. My son ended up being born at 39 weeks and 1 day and immediately after his birth I felt relief that he was healthy and safe and I didn't have the same feelings of sadness that followed my daughters birth. These feelings did not last. About an hour after my sons delivery my husband came down from the nursery to tell me that things were not looking good for him. He had been born with premature lungs and they were having trouble getting him to breathe and keeping the fluid out of his lungs. He ended up being placed in the NICU where he suffered an Pneumothorax at 19 hours old and we were told he might not make it. He ended up making it out ok and healthy but the doctors kept telling me that if I had gone into labor on my own and had a vaginal delivery he would have been fine. So I DO NOT want this to happen again. Any advice on VBA2C and where I can get one would be fantastic. Thanks!

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I should probably clarify...all the places I have contacted are Birth Centers. The one in Marshall is right across the street from the hospital there. There are several nice hotels I've looked into staying at if I go past my due date just so I can settle in and not have to travel while in labor. Plus I can bring my other 2 children for a "mini vacation".

I'm not even close to being pregnant yet and I've already got this picture in my head of how I would like for this birth to go. I hope to have my entire team in place before I get pregnant so I can just relax and enjoy what could possibly be my last pregnancy.
Had a VBA2C home waterbirth this summer. We are in Massachusetts, and finding support was tricky BUT POSSIBLE. I don't know what the legislature is where you are, here, no VBA2C in hospital.
Your c-section stories sound too familiar. Which is why for our third child I HAD to find midwife support, for my own sanity.
My first child was an emergency c-section as she was tachycardic over 200bpm, then dropped to 40 bpm, I had general anesthesia b/c the spinal failed, she ended up in NICU for bilateral pneumothoraces b/c of the aggressive care for her "meconium aspiration". The biggest baby in NICU 9lb 4 oz 22.5". She was 10 days overdue.
My son was also "late" and a week before Christmas I was faced with "your baby's fluid levels are low, we need to schedule you tonight". I wanted to wait to go into labor naturally, but it didn't happen, we scheduled the repeat section b/c the Dr.s and midwives (through the birthing center where we were doing our prenatal care) said we would have to come in daily for non stress tests and ultrasounds, too much to handle with a near 4 year old during the holidays.
For baby #3, had resigned to a repeat c-section, but saw BOBB and went full tilt researching homebirth care. It was something I got too frustrated with dead ends with our first two children, for whom I had wanted homebirths. It took a lot a lot of work to find what we needed to make the decision confidently, and it sure paid off--couldn't be happier, felt really informed and prepared and just can't rave enough about my midwives!
I too, had some tightness on one side, but it was just ligament pain that nagged as my belly got bigger.
Trust your body.
I hope you can find support in your state for VBA2C @home



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