im wanting to do a would i go about finding a provider willing to do it?

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I would find the ICAN group for your area(they usually have yahoo groups) and ask the for referrals. They are usually the best source for that.
also, i would talk to some friends and see if you can find an experienced midwife or doula in your area by word of mouth. they are going to have personal experience with a lot of different doctors in your town. they would have a good idea as to which providers are most supportive and which are not. i actually found my midwife by going on line to "christian midwives international" website. i told them my zip code and my needs and they referred me to her. then, we interviewed her in person. hope all is going well.
Amanda- What area are you in? I am a Doula and can possibly help find you a provider that will work with you.



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