I wanted so much to have vbac and my doctor said he will give me a chance when I came in labor 
His substitute their said : why all for sudden u want vaginal when u had 2 c section before and said I am not going to spend the all day on u . I dilated from 3.5 to 6 in 3 hourd and that was too slow for him 
He got all kind of scary tactics to make me sign when I didn't
Agree they took me to the o.r against my wish and he cut my bladder during the c section . 
He maid my birth to be like a nightmare I almost died during surgery . 

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I am so sorry that you had to go through this difficult experience. I hope you are healing. Talk about it, write about. share your story. I am glad that you are writing on this site.  

Many doctors will not let a woman VBAC after 2 cesarean sections. I had a third cesarean section because the scars on my uterus are vertical and horizontal. I wanted to go into labor with that pregnancy but my midwife & doctor talked me out of it. They preferred to set a date for the surgery. There is benefit (for the baby) to be in in labor before the cesarean section is done.

. . .  But my sister, who already had two cesarean sections, was able to VBAC by default. The nurses were on strike when she went into labor with the 3rd pregnancy. The hospital was poorly staffed. After a long labor she gave birth to a healthy baby. And she was healthy. With her 4th pregnancy she again gave birth vaginally.

Over time my feelings about my experience have resolved--now I am an advocate for the women I take care of in the hospital and an advocate for my daughters. We need to tell our stories and support each other. 




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